Day 6 Music Challenge!

OK Music Lovers! Today we’re moving on to the crooning country swing of the Mavericks! As always, Listen and Vote! :slight_smile:

And remember, you have several hours left in the Day 5 music challenge: Day 5 Voting Here


  • That’s my Jam! (5 stars)
  • Meh… (3 stars)
  • Ow! Make it stop! (1 star)

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for going to the pain of recording this (1 star)

Ha. Listen and vote. :wink:

Now I know why this is called a challenge! :slightly_smiling_face: I committed to listening to the entire album, but this one is going to be difficult. Oh wait, things warm up with All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down … was that a foot tapping … er no!

The positives. It’s only 43 minutes. They’d make a great wedding band.

Ahaha ha haha. This is why comments are good.

I think meh is about right. I listened to it through and yeah it was an inoffensive enough attempt at modern rock and roll. I think @Martin_Webster hit the nail on the head with his wedding band comment.

That said I was lucky enough to have a true 60’s legend (in the UK at least) - a chap called Frank White - play at my wedding and real rock and roll played by someone from the era is just better in every way :slight_smile:

My wife likes them so I’ve grown used to them. Trampoline is a better album if you have to have one on. :slight_smile:

Reminds me of Chris Isaak crossed with Asleep at the Wheel. Nice, very nice! Thanks for turning me on to this very interesting group that was not my musical radar!

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There were better Mavericks CDs. Actually, their version of “Here Comes My Baby” is probably the best song they did.