Does Roon care about non-streamers anymore?

I’m interested, but skeptical. A couple of years ago, I remember Schiit was going to come out with a GADGET device that was designed to true the frequency tone response somehow.

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Sounds like MQA in a box.

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Now that you’ve heard the new, which has respectable playing but no new ideas, do your homework and listen to this inimitable groundbreaking album from 1972 if you don’t already know it.


Fusion jazz, dunno.

I guess it’s good for sitting by the pool, drinking pina coladas. :sunglasses:

Miles Davis not withstanding.

Now now, don’t be lazy and closed-minded. :slight_smile:
Fusion was in it’s infancy at this time.

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Wow! This thread exploded!

And it led me to create two new threads purely for fun.

The first one is here No Good Music: Prove Me Wrong! (tongue firmly in cheek).

There’s been so many interesting posts. About 10% of them are added to my library, but that says something about my music tastes rather than the quality of the music.

The second one came shortly after that. The 30 Day Music Challenge. An album posted each day and, provided you listen to it, the chance to vote and weigh in about whether this is good, garbage, or something in between. Six days in and we’ve spanned 1959-2019, country, classical, jazz, pop etc… So check it out under music. Day 6 and Day 5 still open for voting as I write this.

I’m aggregating the stats as we go, and I’ll try to provide a summary at the end of the month (for entertainment value if nothing else).



The guy in your Wiki link is a different Avishai Cohen. They are both Jazz Musicians, both really talented, but this one is a bass player. I discovered Avishai the horn player when looking for releases by Avishai the bass player.


I heard “Return to Forever” when it first came out. I thought it was kind of derivative compared with “A.R.C.” or Corea’s work with Miles. I’ve become fonder of “Return to Forever” (much later) but when I think of innovators working today like Wadada Leo Smith, Vijay Iyer, Steve Lehman, Jonathan Finlayson, Mary Halvorson, Arúan Ortiz, Tyshawn Sorey, Kit Downes, Jeff Parker, James Brandon Lewis, Miguel Zenón, Tomeka Reid, …, and lots more, I leave “Return to Forever” for background music.

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Well, there you have it. As they say: There’s no accounting for taste.

Yesterday, I listened (in the background) to the Iyer/Smith album that someone recommended in this topic. It only broke through what I was doing to demand attention when it was annoying me.

It’s good to be derivative of Miles. I enjoy A.R.C too, similar vibe but completely different band.

Well, that’s at least something.
Boring is worse, there is plenty of boring around.

I know that was a common line about Miles 50 years ago, I heard it.

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Discogs has a very well documented API.
Look here:

Yes, but unfortunately its schema is incompatible with those for Rovi, Musicbrainz, … Mismatched schemas are one of the most intractable problems in metadata reconciliation.

Avishai Cohen, the horn player, is the brother of the super-talented clarinetist, Anat Cohen.

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Here’s the whole Cohen crew in fine form, with top guest talent:

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Neds, my god not heard then mentioned in a sentence for many a year. Might have to drag them out now.

I’m not talking about converting Discogs data into MusicBrainz data.
All I want is Roon to issue a small request against the Discogs API, transmitting artist and album and verifying the results against the imported files. That can’t be too difficult to code.

Is that just a verifying step to ensure it is the right album so roon can then go get the complete metadata?

Most curated content in Roon appears to come from the AllMusic data base.
So once Roon has identified an album against any valid source, it should be able to carry on with the AllMusic content.

If it is in AllMusic, why bother with Discogs?

Because the albums are not. The artist is.