"Dein Roon-Core wird gesucht" / Your Roon-Core is being searched

Hallo, liebe Leute von Roon,

seit rund einem Monat habe ich keinen Kontakt mehr zu meinem Core auf meinem Laptop. Das ist sehr schade - vorher hat es wunderbar funktioniert!
Ich habe alle Software deinstalliert und wieder neu aufgesetzt (immer die neusten Versionen des Core und der Remote-App) - keine Verbindung.
Auf meinem Tablet wird immer nur angezeigt: “Dein Roon-Core wird gesucht”. Was ist das Problem?
Ich denke, Roon ist zu teuer, um sich mit solchen Kinderkrankheiten auseinander setzen zu müssen. Ich muss doch kein IT-Experte sein, um Musik hören zu können. Ich bitte um Hilfe…

Viele Grüße
Harry Hirsch

Hello, dear people of Roon,

for about a month I have had no contact to my core on my laptop. That’s a shame - it worked wonderfully before!
I uninstalled and reinstalled all software (always the latest versions of the Core and the Remote app) - no connection.
My tablet always shows: “Your Roon-Core is being searched”. What is the problem?
I think Roon is too expensive to deal with such teething troubles. I don’t have to be an IT expert to listen to music. I ask for help…

Many greetings
Harry Hirsch

I’ve moved your post to the Support category of the forum, where it will be seen, and responded to, by a member of the support team.

Hello @Harry_Hirsch, a bit more in-depth reporting will greatly help others to help you. Please have a look here (especially the second post, headline “describe your setup”):

and add some more details about your setup. Like: what Operating Systems do you use? What kind of tablet? What about your network setup? Those questions will come up anyway so the more information you can provide beforehand the easier it will be to solve the issue.

PS: Als Rasender Reporter ist man bestimmt dran gewöhnt, auch alle Details zu berichten … :wink:

Did you change the name of your wifi or did your ipad choose a stronger signal with a different name? Had a similar issue until I figured out that I had changed the wifi name and that was causing roon not to find the core. Changed it back and roon found the core immediately.

Just a thought.

Hi Rob, yeah, that’s right, I changed the name of the wireless network. But unfortunately I don’t have the possibility to change the new name again. I thought, if I delete all apps and restart them again, the Roon apps will look for the new name - wrong?
What can I do now?
Kind regards HH

Hi u_gee, ja als rasender Reporter ist man einiges gewöhnt…:wink:

and as I’ve already written to Rob, I’ve changed the name of the Wifi network. That seems to be the problem. How can I now tell the Roon apps (Core and Remote) that a new name exists? I thought with the deletion and the complete reinstallation (with the deletion of old data), the problem would be off the table.
Tablet is Android (5.02)

Many greetings

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This is definately something for support. I am not the most tech savy in regard to networks. When it happend to me I searched the net and found no other solution than changing the wifi name (SSID) back to the old one.

Probably it is possible, but I think only support can help here.

Adding @support

Ich drücke dir die Daumen.

Hi @Harry_Hirsch,

Sorry to hear of the issues with your setup, I will try to assist you to resolve this issue. Let’s start by confirming a few things here:

  1. What operating system is your Core using? You mentioned you have a laptop, so I assume you are using Windows? If this is the case, can you please make sure that both Roon.exe and RAATServer.exe are allowed in your Windows Firewall and any other application firewalls you may have? You can use these instructions to check this aspect and Roon.exe and RAATServer.exe can be found by navigating to the Database Location/Application folder path.

  2. Can you confirm if your Android remote and the Core are on the same network range? You can check the IP address of the Windows from command prompt or the Windows settings menu. More info can be found here how to do this and I would make sure that both the Laptop and the Android remote are on the same range, example: if the laptop is using 192.168.1.XXX, the Android device has to be also using 192.168.1.YYY. This indicates that they are on the same subnet range.

  3. What is your router model/manufacturer? Sometimes routers need special settings applied for Roon to work properly with them, we listed a few in our Networking Best Practices Guide. I would make sure that the Laptop is using the same WiFi name as the Android remote and not perhaps on a “guest network” of sorts as guest networks will also cause issues with Roon seeing the Core.

Hello noris,
we are approaching the problem: I switched off the public Windows firewall and the core was found. But I have a strange feeling to turn off the firewall.
Which is surprising: Raatserver.exe is available 3x (1x not active) and Roon.exe 2x. I set both files to public and private - but when I switched on the Windows Firewall the core was not reachable again.
What am I doing wrong? Any ideas?

Windows 10 pro / Version: 1903

Kind regards

Hi @Harry_Hirsch,

Thanks for letting me know that without the Windows Firewall that the connection works. I would go ahead and re-add Roon.exe and RAATServer.exe via the instructions I previously linked:

You can locate Roon.exe and RAATServer.exe in the Database Location /Application folder path. Does doing this help?

Hello, Noris,

thanks for the clues. With my mobile phone (android 8.0) remote access now works fine. Only the tablet (android 5.02) is still causing trouble. The problem with the tablet is the repeater. If the tablet logs into the network via the 2.4 Ghz band and the repeater in the Wifi, I don’t have access to the Roon Core. Without a repeater the access works perfectly, apart from the missing bandwidth. The phone works in the 5 Ghz band and has no problem with the repeater - it has a wonderful access now to the Roon Core.
What do I have to do to be able to use the tablet and repeater as a remote?
Kind Regards

Hi @Harry_Hirsch,

Generally speaking, using repeaters for applications that require multicast routing (like Roon) is not suggested, and instead mesh networks would provide a better experience. This aspect is mentioned in our Networking Best Practices (along with a few other suggestions).

It may be possible to tweak some of the repeater settings and get it to work, but there is no guarantee. Generally speaking, I would make sure that “Multicast Routing” is enabled on the repeater, and if you have IGMP Proxing/Snooping, you may want to give that a try as well.

If these changes don’t help, you may want to look into using a direct Ethernet connection or into a mesh-style network instead of the current setup.

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