Deleted tracks and albums from Qobuz reappear always back and in the interface of Qobuz i can select more albums than in Roon

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  1. Deleted tracks and albums of Qobuz always come back in my library. It seems to happen when i restart my Mac mini.
  2. When i go in the interfac of Qobuz itself i see more albums of a performer than when i select this from within Roon.

Kind regards

Hello @Ulrik_Deriemaecker,

Thanks for letting us know of the behavior you’re experiencing. It’d be our pleasure to help sort it out :nerd_face:

  1. Could you please tell us more about what actions do you take to delete these Qobuz tracks and albums?

  2. Could you please share a screenshot of the Artist you see in Qobuz (viewing their albums) and the same artist in Roon? What screen are you viewing (Overview, or Discography)?

It’s also important to note that if you’re accessing your library in Roon, only those albums favorited in Qobuz will show up there.

Some screenshots should help us clear this out :pray:

1 Select albums and than “Remove from library”

2 When selecting Steve Strauss in Qobuz there are more albums than in Roon.
Noticed also other ones.

Hi @Ulrik_Deriemaecker

I just tried to multi-select albums and remove them from my library and it seemed to work okay. If you select a smaller amount is there any change? Is it only happening when you have hundreds?

In Roon we don’t show any albums that don’t have streaming rights in your region (Qobuz might show albums that can’t be streamed with 30s clips available). We also group together different versions of the same album, so it might look like there is less in Roon even though all streamable albums are still available.

Are there any specific examples of an album you can’t find in Roon that is fully streamable in Qobuz?

  1. After restarting my Roon-server they are back
  2. One i did not see in Roon of Steve Straus and visible in Qobuz was Powderhouse Road

Hi @Ulrik_Deriemaecker

Is this the case even if you remove just one does this happen?

What about adding content to your library from Qobuz? Does it disappear after a reboot or is that working okay?

It looks like this should be streamable from Qobuz in all regions from what I’m seeing. If you do a search for this album are you able to find it?

1 no difference in removing 1 or +100. They come back.
The once recently added to the list they are still there.

  1. I connect in Qobuz to a playlist and select the playlist in Roon. So i get it in my tracklist

Hi @Ulrik_Deriemaecker

Can you try deleting an album once more, note the time you delete it, and then use the directions found here and send us over a set of logs using a shared Dropbox link (or any other file sharing service)? Thanks!

Hello i uploaded the logs.

Mail with link to, ok?

Made a copy of the logs on 8/26/21 and one on 9/6/2021
In between these 2 dates al my Qobuz tracks disappeared, reappeared and disappeared again from my tracklist.
On 8/26 i installed a new version of Roonserver

Kind regards.
Ulrik Deriemaecker

I deleted some albums of artists, also mass delete of certain artists.
After the new releases recently they still keep on coming back in my tracklist.
I use my tracklist as 1 big playlist.

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