Dell touch screen computer - Missing onscreen keyboard

Hi! I have Roon installed on a Dell touch screen computer and in settings I have enabled on screen keyboard but it won’t show itself.

Anyone got a clue how to get the search keyboard?

What happens when you put the cursor in the search box?

It works for me, although it’s become markedly more flakey in recent months (which might just as well be W10’s fault of course).

(Am I right in thinking this is @danny’s area?)

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Well nothing happens just the normal w10 blinking marker.

What operating system version?

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W10 Home x64 1709.
Roon 1.4 310

Hi @Emanuel_Persson ---- Thank you for continued feedback here, very appreciated!

Can you also verify for me which “input” box you are clicking in when you notice this behavior with the keyboard?


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Thank you! Top right corner on the front screen.

I think Dell got something weird going on on this computer!

I could send you a PM with one time TeamViewer pass if you have time?

Hi @Emanuel_Persson ---- Thank you for touching base with me and providing the requested information, very appreciated!

Continuing forward, I have placed a feedback with our tech team to see if they have any ideas as to what could be causing this behavior with the onscreen keyboard when trying to search in Roon. In the interest of having a complete report can you verify for me if you have notice this or similar behavior outside of Roon while using the mentioned HP touch screen computer? My assumption is that this has been working before updating to b1709, please confirm.


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Sorry i was wrong it was a Dell computer. I left the demo unit running and sent you TeamViewer information.

We just installed Roon so it’s a fresh install.

Hi @Emanuel_Persson — Thank you again for the continued feedback and more importantly, thank you for your patience here. My apologies for the delay as I have been waiting on some feedback from our techs on your issue.

Continuing forward, one of our tech team members had a chance to setup a touch screen computer to verify what the experience is like and they reported having no issues. In light of this discover the team has asked if you would kindly verify that you have “Enable On-Screen Keyboard” set to “yes”:



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@eric this question has already been answered. Yes.

We have now changed from QNAP to Nucleus in the store and that of course changed nothing.

Microsoft also pushed Windows 10 Home x64 v1803 onto that computer.

This computer is just used as a Roon demo unit and we can give you TeamViewer access if that would be helpful!

Thank you for trying to help us.

Hi @Emanuel_Persson ---- Thank you for the follow up!

Continuing froward, there isn’t much we are going to be able to do remotely because the issue being experienced is with a touch screen computer. However, we do have a few touch screen devices in house, including a Dell laptop, that we can use to test with.

In light of the above, I would like to enable diagnostics on your account so we have some more detailed insight into what may be causing you to experience this behavior when using Roon. Before I enable this feature, may I very kindly ask you to please reproduce the issue and note the time when it occurred.

Once I have the requested time frame I will go ahead and enable the mentioned diagnostics on your account. Additionally, just to reconfirm, you are noticing this when you are clicking the “magnifying glass” icon from the “discover” screen, yes?


This is NOT the account you should enable diagnostics on. I will now send you the account in a PM.

It does happen EVERY time. So when i bring up search (“magnifying glass” icon from the “discover” screen) it does NOT show the keyboard like it does on my home computer when i enable “Roon OSD keyboard”.

When i press “magnifying glass” icon from the “discover” screen, Correct.

It works perfectly on my home computer but NOTHING happens on that DELL at work i think it’s some weird stuff DELL changed on the TouchPC computer.

If you would remote our computer you would just bring up the search bar and you would then see nothing happens and there you would have a log.

Time for last try was now.

22:51 (GMT+1)

@Emanuel_Persson ---- Thank you for follow up and the PM, confirming that it has been seen.

Now that I have the requested time frames (thank you again) I have enabled the mentioned diagnostics on your account. What this action will do is the next time that Roon is active on your core machine a diagnostics report containing a set of your Roon logs will automatically be generated/uploaded to our servers.

I will keep an eye out for the upload and will touch base again once it has come in so you know we have it.


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Hi @Emanuel_Persson ----- Thank you for your patience here!

I wanted to touch base with you to confirm that the mentioned diagnostics report has been received and is now in our queue for evaluation by a member of our tech team. Once your ticket has been updated and passed back I will be sure to share the team’s thoughts/findings with you asap. You patience during this process is greatly appreciated!


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Hi @Emanuel_Persson ---- Thank you again for the continued feedback and more importantly, thank you for your patience here. Both are very appreciated!

Our tech team has had a chance to test with a few devices in house and I can confirm that they were able to reproduce on a Dell touch screen running the same version of Windows as you (i.e Windows 10 Home x64 v1803). In light of this a ticket has been opened in our system to track this behavior which is currently with our DEV team for further evaluation/investigation.

While I cannot comment on when this will be addressed I can assure you that I will keep you up to date as I am passed feedback from the team.

Thanks again!

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Thank you Eric (& Roon Tech’s) for looking into this because this is in our shop and it makes it really hard to demo Roon in a nice way.

Hope for a quick resolve.

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Thanks for the follow up @Emanuel_Persson, appreciated! I must apologize as I realize that I left two “items” off of my previous post :dizzy_face::face_with_head_bandage:

Would you kindly verify the exact model of Dell touch screen you are using and what driver version of the onscreen keyboard is being used on the device. Thanks!


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Its a DELL Inspiron 2350 and about the driver your asking about i do not know. where could i check this? i thought it should be the Windows 10 built in keyboard?