Denafrips DAC users

Are any using Denafrips DAC’s and your thoughts?

I have the Denafrips Venus. I love it!! I could not afford the Terminator so I went with the second best and I have no regrets. It’s significantly better than the Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ it replaced and better than the PS Audio DirectStream DAC in my system. I have no regrets on the purchase except that I couldn’t afford The Terminator. Which one are you looking at?

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I use the DAC that is a module within my amp. I assumed that the PS Audio was, to a degree, a “standard”, so it is refreshing to learn that your Denafrips outshines it. To buy an outboard DAC, I would like to know that this would create a clearly audible improvement worthy of the expenditure. Thank you for the input…poor pun ignored.

Having trouble logging into the community tonight. I am in Atlanta. Very close friend is in Colts Neck, NJ. VPI, as you know, is in Cliffwood. Sal Zaino, the car polish guy is up your way. I lived in Phillie which had great high end at one time.

Atlanta once had numerous high end shops. Very few today, and I am only recently back to audio.

I wanted to ask you if you had to begin in the digital chain, would you, get the Denafrips first or your streamer…most audible difference

For me I would start with the DAC. There are many great DACs out there depending on your budget. I for one have never heard anything better than the DACs from dCS. Very pricy. I love the Denafrips Venus but if I had the cash I would have bought The Terminator. In fact I plan to try and upgrade next year. Got to get through Christmas first and my daughter is having a baby in November. I am sure that my wife will spend a fortune on baby stuff this fall. It’s all good. My system sounds great right now.

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Congratulations on your impending grandchild. Nothing equals the joy (or heartache) of children. Sorry if these threads are not logically following. What made me curious was in what way do the Venus and Terminator sonically differ since you would like to have the latter. dCS appears to be a different mindset. While Steve Guttenberg appears to have time to spend his days listening, most of us do not. I have always conceived of the stereo as a single early-evening album. When my four kids were young, that time was not available. My youngest is now ~24, loves what he calls “music” but he does take input as “why don’t you try.” Today he texted me from work and wanted to know "what’s that group that had Tom Petty and George Harrison. So there’s hope.

And the great Roy Orbison, too! Not to mention some others, such as Dylan and Jeff Lynne!

Denafrips also has a streamer that is being Room certified. It is the same price as the Terminator DAC…which I ordered this morning in black. Need recommendations on XLR cables from DAC to integrated amp

New Denafrips Terminator Plus is released

I sure would love to have one. I currently use the Denafrips Venus. This would be a nice upgrade.

I am ambivalent. A manufacturer has no obligation to pre-announce forthcoming models. Had he done so, I would have waited. What I have is sufficient for me unless someone clamors to buy my current Terminator. It is, to me, as with the Auralic G2 vs. G2.1…would enjoy the newer model but do not need the newer model.

If you waited and then purchased the new one what would you do 8 months later when the new Terminator II Plus Plus Max comes out? Sometimes you have to put a stake in the ground and go.

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Alvin was very kind to let me have his personal unit to try out and give some feedback.

I have had quick listen with a friend today who has the terminator model with the upgraded interface card. But I want to level match the output with my other setup and run some more listening tests. Seems to have on the initial listen to have a bit more in the bass, but this could be a level issue.

So more to come


The only limitation I would encounter for updating annually is time commitments. That is why I mentioned that if someone had an effortless way to swap one for the other, I would do so. It is effort-bound limitation. Others may have different reasons for not wishing to extend themselves. But I understand your position.

So far I see only 2 Denafrips DAC users here :slight_smile: ? . Within my budget (Ares II or extend Pontus) I m about to pull the trigger! Hope no regrets.

There are many options

Lots of users here I know with denafrips

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Stop showing pictures of the Plus. You are making me very jealous. :laughing:


I have been using the Ares II for the past 6 months. It is an amazing bit of kit. Very “analog” sounding. No hiccups, no issues. I stream from Roon Nucleus to an Allo USBridge then directly out via USB to the Ares then out via RCA to preamp, etc. and it has worked flawlessly so far. Best DAC for the money from my perspective. You can’t go wrong with their DACs.


Denafrips Ares II order placed! :smile: