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Searched on “Deneice Williams” and artist “Deneice Williams” appeared. Associated discography for only one compilation, which I felt strange. One of the compilations had “Deniece Williams” singing song “Free”, which I am familiar. Then searched on artist “Deniece Williams” and full artist profile with rich discography appeared. Bottom line: Artist is “Deniece Williams”, not “Deneice Williams”. I highly recommend that any search on “Deneice Williams” should re-direct to “Deniece Williams”.

Strange. I search Deneice Williams, and absolutely nothing comes up. But searched Deniece Williams, everything pops up.

Well, I searched again from the home screen, using the Looking Glass, and Deneice Williams does not appear. However, check out this screen shot from a previous search.

Since those are Tidal albums, maybe it’s on Tidal end? I don’t know. I just know I have Qobuz instead, and can not duplicate the result.

Hello @Robert_Connors,

Thanks for getting in touch about this and sorry about the trouble. I’ve just searched for Deniece Williams and I got this:

Do you get the same screen?

Searching for Deneice brings up the same screen you’ve shared. It is very likely that the two albums have indexed the name wrong in their credits (as they are compilations). Once you click on it, the name seems to be correct:

You should be able to use the Edit function in Roon to correct that. Otherwise, using this guide to report the error would be the next best step :nerd_face: