Devialet 120 Settings in HQ Player for DSD 128 Files


I have set up HQ Player on Windows 10 via AIR (Ethernet) in my family room using Devialet as the DAC. I have attached some screenshots for the settings. In terms of SQ I cannot tell much difference in SQ for DSD 64 or other Hi Res files in PCM - I find if I use Roon via AIR (Ethernet) - using the Devialet without HQ Player (and with HQ Player) - there is no real different in SQ. With DSD 128 files the SQ is not smooth ( clicks sometimes appear) - I have read the various posts and gone through the HQ Player manual - have played around with the HQ Player settings - not sure if I have the optimum settings - I have played a DSD 128 file without HQ Player - appears to be more processing in Roon but SQ is smoother than when I use HQ player - any feedback or comments here would be much appreciated.

Also I understand that Devialet up samples all 44 k files to 192 and does the same with DSD 64 (to PCM) - are they settings which are different to mine on the HQ player for say Tidal streaming or DSD 64 ( see settings in pics attached) - I am not getting any up lift on SQ via HQ Player - perhaps my settings are not quite correct in the HQ Player ??

I couldn’t honestly hear any difference using HQPlayer into my 200, but that was using USB and it seems the consensus is USB is the Devialets worst input. Admittedly this was only a few short tests too - I just didn’t get on with the interface and hunting through Internet forums to try and find what settings to use. It just seemed like a lot of extra complexity for nothing (in my system).

But yes, Devialet works in PCM so up samples incoming signals - including DSD - to PCM. Actually I think it’s 40bit/384 or something like that (I think it’s DAC and processing engines works in dual mono?).

Did you feel there should be a difference, from another system or something?

Agreed - I cannot tell the SQ improving by making use of the HQ Player - however going through the various Internet forums - some people seem to be getting a better sound based on the settings. I have tried different settings and do not seem to get better sound than Roon direct to Devialet. Btw I also do not see a big difference between Ethernet and USB - I have ordered the micro Rendu USB to see make use of the AES output from the Devialet - I really wish there was a settings guide for the HQ player which is Devialet specific - I could not find any settings guide in the Devialet chat forum - as I am making use of Roon I thought I post here to obtain some guidance -

I am yet to try my musical fidelity DAC (paired with my musical fidelity pre/ power amps) - I want to sort out the Devialet settings before I try my next DAC. HQ Player maybe better suited to non- Devialet style DACs??

I don’t think many DC users use HQPlayer. I think that might be telling in itself…

I bought the microrendu but am considering a USB>AES convertor as a few others much prefer it even using a rendu. If I could go back in time I would maybe have looked for an AES source. If AIR works for you I would stick with it personally. It’s custom designed for the Devialet and sounds great. Yes it can be bettered but at what cost and system complexity?

Sadly, even beta 3 still has occasional dropouts and weird static noises so I can’t be bothered with it despite it being how I intended to use the 200 when I bought it.

AIR works on Ethernet with no dropouts (Windows 10, Synology NAS for storage of files) - I was thinking of using AES with microRendu to PC - but you are saying just use AES direct to PC? - I did not think of the latter. I suppose I am just trying different options to ensure my Hi Res files are played making use of the optimal settings - still trying to learn and understand what is best using trial and error. I am disappointed that I cannot get better SQ via the HQ player -

Microrendu doesn’t have AES, only USB.

It may be that AIR3 is so good that HQPlayer is unnecessary. No reason it shouldn’t be as it’s designed by the manufacturers and if anyone should know how to extract the best out of the hardware it should be them. Or just the internal conversions in the D mask its qualities.

Unless you consider something lacking I’d honestly say save your money and time and frustration and enjoy AIR - it’s free!

Ok - will stick to AIR as it is working fine and is easy from my perspective. I still like to play with the HQ Player settings for 128 DSD files and the 44 k - I cannot find any guidance on this on the internet which is Devialet specific - it is a shame that the HQ player guide is so technical (I am non- audio guy) and is difficult to adopt - anyways until I figure the settings I will rely on the DAC settings via Roon which is at least Lossless

DSD64 max on Dev currently.

I know - that’s why trying to work DSD 128 via HQ Player seeking to compare this to Roon as it works through my file as my image attached

Oh I see you have DSD128 files, sorry, misunderstood you were upsampling to 128. Keep us posted…

Can you post screenshot of HQPlayer main window while playing something that is causing trouble.

On what kind of computer you are running HQPlayer?

Here you go -

I have also attached my PC specifications.

As I said before - the Roon/ HQ Player works fine except for DSD 128 files - with all other formats there are no issues other than the SQ is pretty much the same with or without the HQ Player based on the my settings.

I suspect it is just running out of CPU power converting DSD128 to 192k PCM…

The CPU is running at 20% with Roon included - I don’t think it is the case. Thanks

I think, jussi is saying that HQPlayer needs a better cpu than a core 2 duo to convert the dsd 128 to 192 pcm smoothly.

Right-click on the task-bar, select Task Manager, go to Performance-tab and click Open Resource Monitor at the bottom. Switch to CPU tab and observe CPU load graphs on the right. Check that CPU 0/CPU 1/etc per-core graphs don’t exceed about 75% while playing. If there’s a load peak reaching 100% or close at the same time as there’s a click in sound, then you know where the problem is…

What kind of storage media are you playing from?

Thank you - will check it when I get home tonight - point taken on the PC capacity - was looking to upgrade the key components of the PC in any event - as I (mainly my kids) use it for Kodi, Netflix and like services.