Device connected to USBridge keeps disappearing from Roon

I recently moved, forcing me to adopt a bridge solution. I got an Allo USBridge, which usually works just fine.

Occasionally however, my USB Dac that’s connected to it will simply disappear from Roon. Usually rebooting the Allo will make it show again, but right now that’s not working.

My setup:
Mac Mini -> Ethernet -> Allo USBridge -> USB DAC

When I go to the Allo’s dashboard, I can see that the USB DAC is connected and Roon Bridge software is running. When I open Roon, I can see the Allo’s ALSA devices but not the USB DAC.

I’m feeling pretty stuck here.

Hi @Scott_Oltrogge,

I moved your post over to #support since it seems like things aren’t working as expected here. So we can better assist you, please describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

What is the DAC that is connected to the Allo?

Does the device typically disappear while Roon is in use or when the Core machine is idle? How often does this occur? Have you noticed any patterns leading up to this behavior occurring?

Thanks Dylan.

Network topology looks like: Mac Mini running Roon -> Ethernet connection to my Verizon Fios router -> Ethernet connect to a switch -> Allo USBridge -> USB DAC

The DAC is a Doge 7 Tube DAC

It’s never happened while the DAC was active. It seems like it doesn’t reconnect to Roon after the DAC is turned off and turned back on, but only occasionally - in 45 days of having the Allo, this has only happened a couple times. This is the first time rebooting the Allo has failed to reconnect it to Roon.

Oof never mind - this was user error. It’s working now.

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