Different album covers for discs in a boxset


It would be great if you can select a different album cover in multi-disc albums like in a box set. E.g. in the Rolling Stones in Mono so that you can see the individual album art for Aftermath and Their Satanic Majesties Request when the discs are playing.

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I assume that you bought the hi-res versions of the mono Rolling Stones files? I did and I feel the same as you. The hi-res download lumped them all together. I bet you could use Roon to decouple them and add the album art work. I have not tried this but may now that you raised the point because I’d like them de-coupled myself.

Been an enhancement request almost from the first release. Good luck.


Imagine the fun with Alfred Brendel Phillips Recordings All 114 discs !!!

Another program actually allows this sort of splitting by disc but doesn’t allow for. Box Artwork of the Collection

Roon has some catchup when it comes to classical box sets

Poor relations again …


Still waiting for better handling of box set cover art. This really should be a priority!!

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Time to revive this relatively young (!) future request!

Please add support for a main cover for the boxset (as now), and individual covers for each album within the set shown in “now playing”. Something like the following:

boxset / cover.jpg
       / disk_1 / cover.jpg
                / 1-01 track 1
                / 1-02 track 2
       / disk_2 / cover.jpg
                / 2-01 track 1
                / 2-02 track 2
       / disk_3 / cover.jpg
                / 3-01 track 1
                / 3-02 track 2

Resurrection time again. This is a really bad “feature” with Roon, which actually works way better when the playback software doesn’t pretend to be a smart arse… (JRiver, Bluesound, UPnP)

You beautiful optimists!

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Jriver can do this using Series , designed for TV Series, each episode (read Cd) has a cover the series (read Box) has a cover.

The only drawback is the cover is DVD shaped

Box Sets need Love Too :heart::heart::heart::heart:


Boxset is a complex topic that combine album structure and metadata. Do we identify a boxset which is a challenge as few boxsets are properly documented on Tivo. Or, we identify each album which can work for most excepts the specials albums issued for a given boxset. As far as I am concerned, tried for years to manage boxsets as one albums but never really worked for the reasons above, so I gave up and manage now my (large) boxsets as a tag and I have to say it works quite well. The only feature I would ask Roon team is to allow to choose an image for the tag so I would use the boxset image for the tag and I have all albums inside the tag with their individual cover, so I think it is a good compromise. I am afraid than more than that would require Roon to review its entire data model, especially on what is an album.

Yep, I’ve been requesting this for over 6 years:

There are numerous other threads about it. It’s one of the most asked-after features.

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Voting is the new asking…

Indeed…unfortunately I am out of votes :smiley:

As was mentioned early on in this thread, and elsewhere in others, part of the complexity of box sets depends on whether the individual discs in the set correspond to entire previous releases. If they do, there should be a way to display the appropriate cover art. If not, as is often the case with anthologies, then this would be a tough task to tackle.

As others have said, I use tags in most cases when the individual discs do match previous releases.

There is no complexity at all, the whole thing is as simple as being able to assign a cover to any disc (or level of the tree for that matter) at any time. It does not matter if it’s in a collection or not. The structure @mikeb showed above is the best example of how simple and natural it should be.


But in the example @mikeb shows, the cover art is assigned at the disc level in the boxset. The exceptional case I raised occurs when the individual discs in the box set set include tracks from different original releases, in which case assigning the art at the disc level would not work because it does not apply to all the tracks on that disc. (I have several like this.) That would mean assigning cover art at the track level. Intuitively, this seems more complicated to me, but I’m happy to stand corrected if that is not so.

You have a much complex way of seeing this :slight_smile: A disc is a physical entity which (most of the time) has a cover, no matter (or not even related) with what’s on the disc. Tracks, they don’t have covers…

Yes it works and applies. Think like a cover for a playlist.

I’m seeing this in a more simple way, but that’s me: let me assign whatever cover to any level of the tree (collection, box, disc, and so on).

Yes, I think we are coming at the problem from different perspectives. Most of my listening is in the classical realm (and therefore I tend not to listen to many playlists), where box set management (and metadata in general) in Roon can be a real mess. I do understand that discs have cover art and that tracks don’t, but that only highlights the problem with the example I raised.

Here is a prime example is my collection:


It’s a 22-disc retrospective anthology in which not a single disc corresponds to the contents of a single previous release, so assigning cover art from a previous original release to any disc in the set makes no sense (to me). I suppose through Roon’s “Fix Track Grouping” function I could “manufacture” partial individual discs so that their contents can be covered by one original album cover, but that seems like way more trouble than it’s worth.

Album A: Track A1; Track A2, Track A3;
Album B: Track B1; Track B2, Track B3;
Album “The Best Of”: Track A1; Track B3;

So Track A1 belongs to two separated identities (releases) and as such inherits the album art from both, depending where you visualize the track (if you look to Album A, then track A1 should show the Album A’s cover, if you look up the track in the “The Best Of” it should show his cover). I believe it should be the same for your example. I personally also consider Track A1 in Album A being a different entity than Track A1 in The Best Of album, even if is the same composition (i can be complicated too :slight_smile: )

The solution I’m looking for is in your “The Best of…” case, which best corresponds to my example. On that release, I’d want Track A1 to show the cover art from original Album A and Track B3 to show the art from original Album B–not to have new art apply to all the tracks on “The Best of…” regardless of their original source.