Difficulty Backing up Roon DB

Good morning. I am new to this community forum although I’ve been happily using Roon for several years now. Can someone please help me out on what should be a minor issue? I would like to follow the advice to regularly back up my Roon database files.

This should be a simply set and forget matter. But it most certainly is not the case. First off, the resulting backup files are quite large. Much larger than the free space allowed on Dropbox. How is that possible? Second, why can I not back up to my Google Drive account? I have ample space there. I do not want the aggravation and expense of maintaining a paid Dropbox account for only this purpose. It’s really quite arrogant on Roon’s part to make the (very necessary) act of DB back ups into such a complicated and expensive procedure.

I would really appreciate any help on this matter, thank you.

As yet, Google Drive is not a Roon service.

You could always backup locally. Can’t you make a Google Drive look like it’s local?

Also, a 2TB USB drive is dirt cheap and much faster than any online backup.

Easily. The database scales greatly with the number of library objects. Local or Streamed albums take up equal library (and backup) database space. How many albums do you have in your library?

My less than a thousand album library backup consists of 17,601 Files, 15,755 Folders in 3.5 GB of space.

Don’t use Dropbox, it isn’t required and is just there if you want. Roon certainly doesn’t force anyone to use it.

And even if you did use it, directly backing up to Dropbox or Google Drive is NOT the best way of doing it, imho. A Roon backup is made of THOUSANDS of small little files which will take forever to both backup or recover.

If you want to keep an off site backup, then, imho, back up to a local drive and then use zip to create a single backup file. Then drop this file into Google Drive. Note, that this does not really lessen the space, just streamlines the process of copying to the cloud service.

But, to be blunt, even google drive with a 15 gb limit will not hold a large libraries backup. I have seen backups as large as 30gb.

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Ok, these answers make some sense. Can I ask a small favor please? I am not an expert computer user. Can someone please walk me through backing up the Roon DB to an external drive? I am a Windows PC user. I really do not know how back up to the local external drive and zip the files to create a single backup file.

In advance, thank you so much to anyone who can help me on this!!

One additional thing… My Roon Core is installed on my Sonore i5 SonicTransporter music server. When I access Roon on my Windows PC and attempt to start a backup, the only local storage locations shown are the storage of the i5. Why can’t I backup locally to my Windows PC??

A drive that is local to your non-Core Windows PC, must be networked to your Core machine.

Unless you are set on using Google Drive, if you back up local you don’t need to zip any files.

Again, I apologize for my ignorance. I really do not understand “A drive that is local to your non-Core Windows PC, must be networked to your Core machine”. Can you help me do this?

Ok, here goes.

On your Win10 PC, share the folder you want to back up to.



Set the necessary permissions

On your Roon Core machine go into Settings==>Backups==>Scheduled Backups==>View==.Add


Go to Browse==>Add network share



Add the Share name you used when you shared the backup folder on the Windows machine. Use your Windows machine’s id/pw

Then specify that in the screen that schedules backups -


First off, thank you … alot.

Second, I followed your instructions. Got to the point where I enter the shared network folder info. Got a red error message saying “Could not connect to share: Host not found”. Any thoughts??

Print the screen that’s giving this message, so I can see what you used.

I would have suggested that you make a new folder, call it RoonBackup (no spaces) and then shared this folder.

And you could try the IP address instead of desktop-O89IKE3

Yeah, I called my folder ‘Backups’ because I back up a lot of things there… Under that Roon will place its backup folder which it calls ‘RoonBackups’.

Ips are always better for some people.

@Kenneth_Brachfeld, do you know what your Windows machine’s IP is or how to find it?

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Yeah, you are right. Maybe MyRoonBackup

Sorry guys… I tried all of these suggestions and still no luck

What is the IP address of your Windows machine. Let’s try that.

I tried that as well. Same exact result.

Here’s a new idea: Could I plug a USB memory stick into my Sonore i5 SonicTransporter music server? Would that USB stick show up as an option?

Yes, that will work even though it isn’t what you originally wanted.

@support any recommendations?

Hi @Kenneth_Brachfeld,

Can you share a screenshot of your Windows Sharing Settings?
Basically this window:

Do you have any firewalls or antivirus applications on the PC which can interfere with the share?
Are you on a Private and not Public network?