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(Rene Bouwmeester) #221

My decidedly non-Signature DigiOne Pi is fed by an old, forgotten iPad charger through an old, 10 cm long keyboard charging wire.

It must be a miracle that it works at all.


But what about the the noise, or is it the jitter?


@fritzg, solution like this:


I get the idea. What I don’t get is what is also mentioned in th comments, that the power supplies for these devices probably add noise close to what they are taking out.

(Steve) #225

I honestly wouldn’t worry about it. Many people that post about these kinds of tweaks evaluate just through listening, where we all know our brains can reward us for our tweaking efforts.

There have actually been experiments that show noise added to the system can be perceived as more ‘body’ to the sound. So actually many of us may be better off just plugging a few cheap SMPSs in near our hifi.


you really do not have to do it, I just want to know @allo.com opinions about it

(johan ) #227

It should not matter…however we are hearing the same thing , when RPI has a better PSU , subjective sound quality improves

There is no known explanation for it…


What BNC cable minimum length? What is Allo’s view on that?

(Steve) #229

Why rely on subjective quality?

With the kind of kit you guys have, measuring the performance of your products not only at the digital output, but also a DACs analogue output, could confirm whether there’s any improvement detected or whether it’s more likely to be imagined. If any improvements were detected, it would hopefully help you develop solutions so such additional/improved supplies weren’t necessary.

I’m very fond of the data you share and would be very interested to see more…


What if not everything can be measured? You still can not believe your ears? Did you see measurements of hi-end equipment? Are these measurements available?

(johan ) #231

We did measure the analog output (thd+n)

There is no change in thd numbers using any device including hifiberry digi+ , google audio and digione

Audio quality , as most on this thread can attest , changes dramatically with the device used.

Why ? How come ?

No test data shows it , but we strongly believe that low jitter and low noise on the coaxial output has an effect on the sound quality.

(Steve) #232

It can be.

(Alex Chen) #233

Because everything is measurable, right? Did electricity not exist before humans invented the multimeter?

(Henry) #234

Yes and No.
Thanks to Schrodinger!

(Ryan Clements) #235

So if you run the Allo battery pack with 2 batteries it’s ~ 7.2V and if you run with 4 batteries it is still ~7.2V but will last twice as long?

Also will batteries last longer when music is not playing i.e. on stand by?

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Review of Signature by John Darko


(paolo) #237

they really marked wrong polarity on the battery holder they sell? :hushed:
that’s inexcusable and just plain criminal!!! :rage:

(johan ) #238

All battery holders have the correct polarity marked now.

(Sean) #239

@allo.com if 5Vdc is ok for the clean side, then a USB powerbank is fine?

Just need a USB to 5.5x2.5mm DC plug cable like below?


(Andre / ALLO / CMO) #240

yes that will do.