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(Ramona Kollar-Neuber) #241

Bought my Allo Digi One in spring … have to wait a few months until i upgrade again on the streamer. But thanks for the hint, ordered this french PSU for 90 Euros last night, seems fair for me.

I know, that every step of the chain counts… just curious: so the streamer is clean now, what about the DAC and the orher parts?

(johan ) #242

New review of the Signature



How long can one expect the clean side batteries to last approximately? Hours?, Days? Weeks? Any difference to standby vs active playing?



I have two batteries LiFePO4 2500mAh (3,3VDC x 2 = 6,6VDC) and this sufficient for approx 25 hours, prophylactically reloads once a week. I always turn off, they do not listen to music

(Mike Ormerod) #245

Just received my Signature and after seeing some comments about the packaging, all I can say is I think it was packaged incredibly well. I ordered the battery holder and it does indeed have stickers applied to identify the correct polarity! I’ll give it some time to warm up and then compare to my USBridge!

(Mike Ormerod) #246

AudioStream review just posted: https://www.audiostream.com/content/allo-digione-signature-review

(Brad Burnside) #247

Hello Andre! Yes, I added your excellent Signature to my ALLO collection (2 other DigiOnes and a USBridge) and wanted to chime in on the audible benefits of the battery pack. I had been using iFI iPower SMPS and various Linear including TeraDak and ZERO ZONE, but right now I much prefer the sound of humble batteries through my Meridian SE speakers. Thanks!

(Steve) #248

If this really is the best SQ I hope Allo will consider a future model that runs on batteries but where it’s all built into the unit / including dynamically recharging.

I don’t discount that it’s better, it’s just for me personally multiple power supplies on the same device and/or the necessity to constantly change batteries is a big step too far for me. And if this is what it takes to sound best what’s the point of using it sounding less than its best.

Until then I’ll just stick with the original.

(Ruud Verrijk) #249

I agree. Part of the Roon experience is convenience. Changing batteries is not for me.
I have the normal DigiOne, powered by an ultralow noise power supply, bought for about 70$ on one of these Chinese online expresses.
Very happy with the sound improvment over the standard PSU.
Batteries also have noise and have no compensation for temperature.

I will upgrade to the Signature when it becomes available in the Netherlands as a package, complete with case and a PSU. I will use the Chinese PSU as clean power

(Rene Bouwmeester) #250

There you go: :smiley:

(Ruud Verrijk) #251

Thanks. Ordered. It is on its way!

(Rob Dokter) #252

I want to buy a DigiOne Signature but would like to wait until the metal casing is available.
Can you give any estimation on when that will be available?
In case it will take too long I might temporarily use the acrylic casing.

(Andre / ALLO / CMO) #253

The aluminum case for the Signature is already in the works.
We are expecting the revised prototype be the 1st week of December.
provided that all fits well, we will place the order and get the stock in right after the New year.

We will post some pictures we soon as we get the proto in and update you all.


(Ramona Kollar-Neuber) #254

Hey, I don’t get it, does soss sell the “whole” kit with a RPI for just 280 €? That’s the price for the Digi One Sig alone?

(Andre / ALLO / CMO) #255


On our site we have 2 pages dedicated to the Digione Signature.

one for the board alone:

and one for the fully assembled player (with RPI and more…)

pricing depends on options you choose.

regards and let us know if you have any further questions.


(Ramona Kollar-Neuber) #256

Hey Andre, thank you. I am already a costumer of your shop and own a Digi One (without Signature) :).

The prize for your “ready to go” setup is about 370 € – I was just curious because the dutch shop offers a bundle for 100 less (which is approx the prize for the board alone). How is that possible? :slight_smile:

(Andre / ALLO / CMO) #257


please note that they are offering on pre-order (no stock) and they have been notified to change the price.

(Ruud Verrijk) #258

Installed the Signature. Does what it promises vs the vanilla DigiOne. Again a notch up in spaciousness, low extension and treble silk :grinning:
I had some trouble getting it up and running on Volumio. There were three networked Signature ALSA options to choose from in Roon. Turned out I had to take the bottom one, not the top one


(Ruud Verrijk) #259

Because I didn’t want to use an active ethernet cleaner (again more power supplies and cables), I went for a passive one, the Emosafe EN-30, about €150. Used in hospitals for ethernet filtering.


(Steve) #260

I don’t think hospitals use them for filtering, they’re for isolation safety…