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(Karl Wikström) #41

How would the coming Nirvana PS fit the Digione Signature? Any coming bundles?

(johan ) #42

As I said many times, Nirvana has proved to be the most complex project ever. Today we finalized the new PCB and we will make 10 samples .

At some point we will make bundles but its a few months away

(Ron Sanders) #43

I use an ifi psu for my RPI3+/Digione. If I purchase a Digione Sig. I would like to use this psu for the “dirty” side. Am I right in thinking that both psu’s must plug into the usb-c connectors on the Digione Signature?
A barrel to usb-c adapter might be hard to find…

(Roel) #44

That is why Allo have included 2 adapters with the DigiOne signature.


I received my DigiOne Signature today. Haven’t had too much time to play with it, but here are some observations:

  1. Came w/ a screw that was not fastened and rattled around. Took cover off and screwed it into the hole w/ out a screw. Screws on the bottom are not flush with the case, but not a big deal. Noticeable though.
  2. Updated DietPi from 6.11 to 6.14, but the system won’t load and Roon doesn’t see the Signature. Will play around with this later to sort out why not all the services are loading upon power.
  3. Allo did provide two (2) coax barrel 5.5/2.5 to type C adapters. I have a LPS w/ two outputs, one USB and another 5.5/2.1. I have a USB to type C cable already so I’m using that without the need for an adapter. However, I’m on the hunt for a 5.5/2.1 to type C cable which are apparently not that easy to find especailly something longer than 8 inches. I’d prefer this straight connection otherwise I may be forced to use multiple cables/adapters/connectors to make this connection.

Looking forward to playing around and testing this out when I have some more time.

(Noah Sawatzki) #46

I ordered my DigiOne Signature Player over the weekend and looks like it will be here on Friday. Impressively fast shipping from India, if accurate. I’m hoping this will be a better sounding option compared to my HTPC via USB. I had to jump through hoops to get the digital warble out of my output with this setup and I’d like to take the PC out of the loop. Wondering what it will do to the overall sound, as this is the only digital front end I know with my current amp/speaker combo.

Any suggestions for PSU on clean side? I have an ifi on the way as a temporary solution until I can get a decent linear PSU, but I’ve had difficulty finding any middle ground between cheap, unbranded black boxes from ebay and $300+ audiophile grade PSUs. Doesn’t any reputable company make a <$150 unit that will get the job done? I don’t want to break the bank on a power supply for a $240 board.


@allo.com Johan, DO Signature is unable to properly load up the services as it boots up… it stops either during or after the WebServer service as cron is doing it’s thing. I’m still allowed to log in however. I didn’t pay attention if this error was there when I first booted up the DOS since I upgraded to 6.14 right away. I re-flashed the card with the latest DietPi Allo image, v6.13, and experienced the same issue: boot up starts, services are queued, cron runs its way through the services then abruptly stops before displaying the login prompt.

I tried swapping the card with the one in my regular DO thinking that would work, but nothing happened… no boot up sequence or prompt of any kind, just nothing. Curious why that didn’t load up, but that’s not central to my issue.

I’m unsure if it’s a DietPi issue or something with this DOS. I can run some other troubleshooting tests to help determine. Let me know.

(Noah Sawatzki) #48

@purehifi192 Pretty sure that the adapter included should work for you. Description of the adaptor on Allo website “Matching male: 5.5mm x 2.1mm male or 5.5mm x 2.5mm”.

(johan ) #49

Quick question, did you power the “clean side” in same time as RPI ? (or before)

(johan ) #50

What PSUs are you using to power the unit ? Please note that on “dirty side” you need at least 2A (2.5A) better at 5V (5.1 to 5.2V better)

We supply the SMPS for dirty side with our Sig player thats a match.

I think that your issues are due to PSU you are using. Please note that USB 2.0 connectors are specified up to 1.5A (so less than 2A needed on dirty side)

Of course , if you use a LPS with dual outputs to feed the "dirty side: and “clean side” you will also lose the galvanic isolation of the grounds. Additionally , the total power of the LPS will be divided by the 2 outputs , but it should not be a problem since clean side only sips 50-75mA

(Roel) #51

I had no issues with the supplied PSU and with an iFi iPower PSU powering the dirty side. It purs like a kitten. The only thing mentioning is that the iPower adapter didn’t fit very tight into the supplied USB c adapter. But it is nothing a little piece of tape couldn’t solve.

Updating dietpi to the latest version took some time but it works.


Johan, I powered clean side first.

During my initial setup, I used two SMPS that Allo provided (one from my DOS and the other from the DO). I don’t believe the power to be the issue here.

Thanks for the info re: using the dual output of the LPS.

Edited to add: just tried it again with two SMPS from Allo on the re-flashed 6.13 version of DietPi and I receive similar behavior.

(johan ) #53

Hmm , last test can you use any other software (volumio etc) ? I spoke to tech dept and they advised me that dietpi manual is old and they are working on getting new one asap.

I want to make sure if its a hardware or soft issue. Yes clean side was powered correctly


Ok, that will take me some time, but I will try to have an update sometime this weekend.

I’d be surprised if it’s DietPi as I’m using that on my DigiOne w/ no issues whatsoever through the reflash from 159 to 6.0 and through the various updates to 6.14.

Thanks for your help, Johan

(johan ) #55

You are right , cannot be the soft. Try one last thing, Remove the digione hat and reinsert in the RPI .

If that does not solve it , please PM me.

(Noah Sawatzki) #56

Fedex shipment got held up in Memphis and I’m getting screwed now because of the holiday weekend. Won’t get to play with the Signature until Tuesday :frowning: Terribly disappointed, as this was going to be like 90% of my weekend activities, lol.

(Michael Sicher) #57

Just found out about the Digione Signature and I am very tempted to upgrade from the already great Digione.

I also have questions (at @allo.com) about powering it:

  1. How long do the batteries in the battery pack last?

  2. Is the Dual LLC PSU at least equal in quality to the battery pack? And when will it be in stock again?

  3. Is the mentioned SMPS the one that is bundled with the player or another option?

Thanks a lot,


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(Noah Sawatzki) #92

I did an A/B between the Signature and my PC via USB into the same DAC (onboard ESS Sabre ES9018K2M - Parasound Hint) and I honestly couldn’t tell any difference, but it had zero burn in and I’m only using an ifi PSU for clean. I haven’t done an A/B since it’s been running nonstop around 30 hours. I will say, it sounds very good, but I was pretty happy with how my PC sounded as a transport. My only real impression I’ve been able to gather is that the bass feels possibly a little more coherent/dynamic. It probably depends on the DAC, but the differences for me were not very pronounced. I will have to do another A/B with the PC after full burn in and with an LPS. Unfortunately, I don’t have any other SPDIF transports to compare this to, as I’ve always gone PC–>USB–>DAC in the past.

Initial conclusion is that I’m more than happy with the way it sounds, but I don’t have enough experience, perhaps, to be able to tell how much of an improvement it was to my previous setup.

(Michael Sicher) #94

There’s a great summary available now at https://forums.naimaudio.com/topic/allo-digione-signature