Dirac issues - can't resolve


I bought the full version a while ago and have never been able to get it working with Dirac. Dirac is great, and I not willing to give it up.

Windows 7 Pro
Dirac Pro room correction
PS Audio Directstream DAC
Standard system from there - Pass Labs XA Amp, Magico Speakers.

The error I get is “Transport: Playback has failed due to playback parameter negotiation with the audio device”.

I’ve tried ‘Exclusive mode’ and ‘Use Event Driven Mode’ - playing with max resolution.

It will play straight to the PS Audio DS DAC.


Did you read through here… There were issues but were addressed. Maybe your issues are different.


Yes - I did read that thread. It doesn’t seem to be the same issue. They had static, I get an error and it doesn’t even begin to play a song.

Any help very much appreciated.


Hi @dsiemer,

We had heard about some issues with Dirac on OSX, which are now resolved. As far as I know, this is the first we’re hearing about issues on Windows. I’m trying this out on Windows with a the free trial of DIRAC, and I can reproduce the issue as well, so I think this may be a bug.

We’re going to look into this, and while I can’t make an guarantees about what’s going on until our developers look at the issue, I don’t see any reason you should have to “give up” Dirac to use Roon.

I will be opening up a ticket in our bug tracker, and will refer back to this thread. Expect an update as soon as we’ve looked at this, and sorry for the trouble Dave!

Hi Mike, the Dirac osx static issue occurred when I downloaded my trial on 10/07/15, an update to 10.10.4 resolved the static, however roon crashed on 11/07 whilst I was listening to music and when I restarted roon the static returned, I solved the static my a complete osx restart, would be interesting to know why roon crashed and why the static returned? No other program was running at the time of crash.

I don’t use Dirac, but do use Fab Filter Pro … in my case I desperately need the ability to use VST plugins (and control bit rates, so that I can downsample above 96k to 96k and below for Fab Filter Pro) as I can in J River