Static digital noise together with Dirac

Hi Roonies

I am having an serious issue with Roon and the Dirac RoomCorrection software:

My setup is: iMac (20 GB RAM, all software up to date, with external 5 TB Thunderbolt disc) -> iTunes, -> PureMusic -> Dirac -> m2Tech hiFaceTwo USB to SPDIF converter - > wired with 75 Ohm coax cable to Dynaudio Focus 200 XD. The sound is gorgeous ! My issue is the combination of Dirac and Roon.

Everything 16 bit 44.1 plays just fine. After that I have some heavy noise when I play music with better resolution then that.
No problem when playing HiRez music without Roon, iTunes (occasionally using Amarra Symphony or A+ (before they both got messed up) via PureMusic, then Dirac and hiFaceTWO.
When I take out the Dirac of the chain, there is no problem anymore. The same when I take Roon out of the chain.
BUT as my listening room also is our dining and living room, I am very much dependent on the Dirac Room Correction software (which BTW is fantastic !!!)

So now waiting for a solution from you Roon guys to see what you can come up with. I hope you can fix this, its impossible to listen to this static, digital noise as it is right now.

Thanks a lot
best KnockKnock

One more thing, tried today to play Roon through PureMusic, and from there to Dirac. Again I had the static noise, until I disconnected Dirac. So its definitely the combination Dirac/Roon who is too blame. Without one or the other everything is just fine. BUT without Dirac my system is NOT performing at its best

Best KnockKnock

Can you tell us more about your Dirac setup? configuration, how Dirac is in the chain, etc… We may have to get some assistance from Dirac on this.

Yes, of course. It´s the two channel Dirac, Dirac Audio Processor, version 1.1.0 (Build 5109). It´s the last thing in the chain.

My normal setup:
iTunes -> PureMusic -> Dirac -> Output Device (chosen within Dirac): m2Tech hiFaceTwo USB-Spdif converter.
Works like a charm, just not together with Roon. Roon without Dirac works fine, its the combination of those too that makes some digital noise.

Thanks for your help ;=)
best KnockKnock

Did some more testing and stuff today… Same result. Dirac plays wonderful with PureMusic. Roon plays good without Dirac, and everything (m2Tech hiFaceTWO, Dynaudio Focus XD) was software updated. It doesn’t help though, the combination of Roon and Dirac still crackles along. So I switched back to iTunes, PureMusic and everything is cool again. I hope you guys can solve this ;=)


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Dirac acts like a Sound Card/Sound Device in a computer - but it is software.

You can see it in SOUND for Windows.

Still no news on this subject ?


We have a new build in alpha testing right now,coming next week (monday i think) – it has a new event driven mode that may behave with dirac better… look for it soon and let us know

Thanx Danny

Will keep my eyes and ears open and keep you posted :wink:

Best KnockKnock


I just started using Roon today. My set up is using MacBook Pro 13" connected to Ayre DX5 via USB. In terms of software, the path is Roon>Dirac>Ayre. It sounds great (probably the best I’ve had) playing 44.1 files. When I played 176.4 files, had a lot of digital noise. Could you please look into the matter? As my Tidal is HiFi (176.4), I cannot play in this mode at all.

Thank you very much.

Hi Varah

See Danny’s post 19 hours ago above. The Roonies are working on it :wink:

(And YES, it’s impossible to listen to music with this digital noise)

Best KnockKnock

Thank you.


Still can´t wait for the new build ;=)

best KnockKnock

Hello, I’m also eagerly waiting for a new release supporting
DIRAC. My system is totally dependent on it.


Exacly the same here. Can´t listen to music without Dirac (and hopefully soon Dirac + Roon)

best KnockKnock

The best would be if ROON would accept AU/VST, which will
make it the near perfect player I was waiting for …

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+1 here as well. Waiting for Dirac playing well to be confirmed to purchase lifetime license.

Build out… here is the relevant changelog item:

  • Event Driven Mode is available on Windows. As of right now, it is disabled by default, but if your device supports it, we recommend turning it on, especially if you’re having trouble with your sound card, or a virtual sound driver like JRiver WDM.

Thanks for the new release, your efforts are much appreciated. Unfortunately this does not solve the problem with Dirac under OS X as only 44.1 seems to work properly. Then, obviously, if I select 1x max sample rate, everything works…

Thanks, but Roon does not work together with Dirac. Same as before

I know you guys are busy, but try for yourself and download Dirac, and play something higher then 16/44.1. Impossible to listen to