Disastrous UI in 1.6

I’m not one for quick reactions to changes - feel that it’s better to use for a few days before commenting.

On balance I would view the changes in 1.6 as positive - certainly not disastrous. I’d agree some of the suggestions in this thread - particularly contrast, font and the ability to switch off popup when you dislike a track.

Overall, though, I like the ability to quickly switch between lyrics, album review and artist bio in the ‘now playing’ screen. I would have said that album art (large) needs to be an option but it sound like Roon have already committed to address this.

So, @danny my suggestion for further improvement which would be to add an the ability to see PDF (any maybe text) files stored locally. At the moment this is done via an icon that appears in album view.

The simplest way might be to include this in the album review section showing in the ‘now playing’ screen. A better option, though, would be for an additional icon to appear if there is a PDF file available and for the PDF file to be shown within Roon rather than in a separate web page. How about showing this option if the folder for the album contains ‘info.pdf’? Maybe you could also show text files (info.txt) - but I can see that there might be issues if a so-called .txt file includes some formatting etc - PDF is safer I guess?

Including this option would enable, for example, users to include information for albums where reviews don’s exist (e.g. live recordings, bootlegs …).


“I can go across more screens/panels that I ever noticed before and I get lost. The app is missing a central, anchoring screen.”
I could not agree more with the quoted statement, but this problem is not new. I, and other members in my family, have been struggling with this for some time. I am regularly lost trying to either go back to a listing of all the tracks on CD I am playing or to find the individual track.

Here’s a thread on this:

Of course that was a generalization. What else could it be?

I am sorry you think that 1.6 is a step back visually and from a UI perspective. I don’t see it that way at all. Sure, it needs some tweaks. So useful feedback, both negative and positive, is helpful.

Your feedback, with words like “incoherent, inconsistent, unnecessary, messy, and unfinished”, is not really useful. Get used to it because they aren’t going back. Offer ideas on specifics instead of complaining about the release in general.

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It’s especially unlikable when it’s not there, as with content from Tidal and Qobuz.

I’m aware of that, but you were trying to make it better, no? This illustrates part of the problem that the Roon team faces. You think the positions of the icons is most important and I think the readability of the text is the key issue.

Not sure why you’re sorry? Did you design it?

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Dude, it’s a figure of speech…you know, not meant to be taken literally.

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Danny and Brian, PLEASE keep the waveform. When I am playing demos for friends it is an incredibly convenient way to fast forward to specific sections based on the waveform. I use it constantly for that purpose.

I wouldn’t remember what specific time to fast forward to, but I can remember the specific part of the waveform quote easily.


Agreed on all points, and my understanding is that they are keeping icons to call up lyrics, album info, artist info, etc and adding an icon for a large Album Cover. The large album cover is essential when nothing else is available, including no photo.

This sounds like a good suggestion, although I have not seen that many PDFs showing up.

Yes, definitely KEEP the waveform, it’s iconic and very useful, but remove the diode so its symmetrical (zero crossing) again… like the Roon jelly fish.


Implicit in my wish was that it would be an optional feature. If I could turn the waveform off, others could leave it on.


‘Dude’, mine wasn’t literal either. :wink:

I never understood what the waveform is for, but I guess it’s nice if ‘scrubbing’ on a track. Might be cool if there was an option that it would pop up if only using the back/forward buttons for those of us who don’t want to see it permanently but use it in that way. Way down there on the list,I know, but just an idea.

Can get an idea of the recording level and dynamic range. Also, I have a vinyl rip of The Faces Coast to Coast and there are no track gaps, so I can see where tracks start if I just wanted to play it.

Of course there will be always be special case uses (I’ve used it when A/B-ing new gear for sure), but I would bet the average Roon, non-techie, non musician/producer/engineer user mostly ignores it. I surely don’t know how to read it for DR. Nobody wants to see it go away, but perhaps the option to hide/unhide - maybe bring it up as a semi-transparent overlay, similar to how the histogram view works on many digital camera screens, and/or when scrubbing tracks.

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The waveform has always been there, its iconic and makes the footer instantly recognizable as being Roon. It shouldn’t be optional, but it should work smoothly and be half way accurate/truly representative.

Gotta admit, the half waveform is very strange. I don’t understand why they got rid of the full waveform. As Mike above me said it was iconic.

I also find the jittery 1 second movement of the slider very strange.

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I like the half waveform, it is a nice example on how you provide information more clearly without claiming more screen real estate. It’s easier to read now, lovely! :slight_smile:


If they keep the half waveform, perhaps they should change the icon
from thislogo_small to this: deefbd9083c99c82bbf2dd3f873f52a49f5db881