Disc has "Mixed Track Formats"

One disc out of a 4 disc set seems to have a combination of FLAC 44.1kHz 24bit 2ch and FLAC 44.1 kHz 16bit 2ch tracks. It was a standard CD (not HDCD) ripped with dBPoweramp along with other discs, all of which registered as 16bit.


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Not sure if it’s worth worrying about. I have a number of these and they play fine - seamlesssly on my system.

As always, I’m open to learning more…

The tracks do play. I’m not certain, but they may play at different volume levels. I found one other album with mixed track formats, and about a dozen others with all 24bit format.

There is no indication of any differences between the tracks in the dBPoweramp log. So I think they properly ripped into 16bit format. Does anyone know how to check the files for bit depth?


I’m not familiar with DBPoweramp but I assume that it has an “auto” setting that rips at the same bit depth as the original. I would check those settings.

24 bits will give more volume depth, I’m pretty sure. And it may be that the volume will be different than on an adjacent 16 bit track.

Hopefully, others will add their wisdom to this thread.

As far as checking the bit depth of a file, you mean on the CD itself? Not sure, except that DBPoweramp is probably where you would find out - as though you are preparing to rip the CD.

Good luck.

As I understand it, all music CDs are all 16bit. I’d like to know whether dBPoweramp did something funky during the rip. I know that it can create 24bit data from an HDCD. But I have very few of them, and none of the Sony discs are encoded with HDCD info. It seems likely that Roon is the culprit here.


Well, if you’ve got dbPoweramp on your system, it should be easy enough to check. If you mouse over a track in the Windows File Explorer, you should get a pop-up to show the detailed metadata that’s in the file, including the sample size. If it claims that it’s 16 bit, then the error lies with Roon. If it says its 24bit, then we have another mystery to pursue…

I had the same “problem” with Roon when I started using it and I was thinking it to be impossible that the 2 albums Roon was identifying as with mixed tracks had any other thing that 16bit/44.1KHz because they were CD rips I had done with EAC. So I opened the tracks in kID3 (it’s a music files tagging program for mac OS) because it gives you all the track info and, sure enough, some were 16 bits and others were 24.

In my case I eventually got to the conclusion of what had happened. Before Roon I used a different player that, some versions ago, had a bug that altered the physical file when you edited the tags and I think it would re-save the file as 24 bits. So, those “mixed tracks” at 24 bits were the ones I had edited the tags in the other software.
Can’t remember the exact details now, but the files had been altered after being ripped and Roon was right.

So, I’d reinforce Geoff’s suggestion of checking your files with dBPowerAmp or any other software that will give you the media info.

It wasn’t quite that easy (mousing over the file didn’t give the sample size), but the problem is there in the original files- never opened in Roon. They had been opened with MediaMonkey, so the problem is either there or with dbPoweramp. But I was premature in blaming Roon.


No dbPoweramp pop-up? Sounds as though you haven’t turned it on. Run the dbPoweramp Configuration tool, and click on the “Advanced Settings” button. Then in the Windows Explorer Integration, check the “Enable Pop-up Information Tips”.

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