Disc number tags not being picked up

Is it possible to display my 5 ‘cd’s’ with each 100 tracks? I’ve split the 500 tracks into 5 folders CD1 … CD5. Edited the tag discnumber 1 of 5 … 5 of 5. But Roon don’t display the 5 discs, only 1 with 180 tracks. Make more folders with less tracks?

Hey @EddyVB – have you tried rescanning the files? How are you re-tagging the files, and what format are they?

Also, can you give us a description of your setup, as described here?

  • Started again. Deleted the ‘Album’ (Roon sees the 500 tracks)
  • Stopped the server
  • Renamed the tracknumber in the filenames, in each directory 1 to 100, and also in the tag ‘track’
  • Started the server
  • Now I get 5 times 1, 5 times 2, etc, upto 36, (strange 1 track (CD2 tr85) has separate album entry, tagging looks ok)
  • Tried the reload tag-info button
  • Latest Roon ver., I5 with 8gig, 14000 tracks

Hello Mike,
Did some further testing and found the problem/bug.
Roon cannot handle tracknr. with 3 digits. If I delete track 100 in the 5 folders, and other numbering kept to 2 digits then everything is ok.
Next, when I rename track 01 to 001 in filename and ‘track tag’ in the 5 folders the problem is back. So the problem is not the amount of tracks/folder but how many digits is used in filename/tag. Of course this limits the tracks/folder to 2 digits hence 99.

So, Roon only supports 99 tracks per album because it only supports two digit track numbers, not three digits or more? Now, that is weird. This will need you to mess up albums, especially compilation albums. I have several over 100 tracks compilations. This way Roon is useless for me.