Discography not loading for some artists [Solved]

Thanks so much!

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Hi @jamie - I run ROCK on an NUC. Am I right in thinking to follow these instructions I’d basically need to do a full reinstall? Or is there another way?

I have my MacBook now so I installed RoonServer on there and backed up from my latest backup. There are no issues with discography own this version.

However - should my library on this new version be virtually identical to the one on NUC? Comparing the two many of my edits aren’t in place including artists merging/album merging, album artist edits and album artwork updates. Is this normal, I would expect all my edits to be in place? - it’s the first time Ive restored a backup. For this reason I am reluctant to rename RoonServer on the NUC right now.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help the investigation.

Hey @James_Hobson - no, it wouldn’t require you to repeat the entire ROCK setup process. Here’s what you’d do.

  • Stop RoonServer from running in ROCK’s WebUI
  • Navigate to your ROCK’s Database Location
  • Find the folder that says “RoonServer”
  • Rename the “RoonServer” folder to “RoonServer_old”
  • Restart the RoonServer in the WebUI to generate a new Roon database folder
  • On the Roon Remotes, press “Use another Core” and connect to the new database
  • Restore your most recent backup

This is a promising sign!

That’s not normal. Your backup is a snapshot of your database. If your backup is up to date then your database on your laptop should mirror the one on ROCK. What’s the timestamp for that backup you restored? To correct this, you can fire up ROCK and make a fresh backup then restore it on the MacBook.

Please keep in mind that the fresh backup could migrate the missing discography issue from ROCK to the MacBook. If that happens you can restore the backup that didn’t exhibit the problem.

@jamie - ah ok great, that’s more straightforward than I thought.

My backup was from a few days ago, I back up automatically every 4 days. I will make another backup
and restore from that to see if that makes a difference. If it does I’ll attempt to follow the steps to update the NUC roon server install and report back. :crossed_fingers:

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Hi @jamie - unfortunately this hasn’t worked.

I generated a new Roon database folder and rescanned my library on the NUC rock - discography worked until I restored my latest backup.

The back up I did on the MacBook initially must not have executed properly, hence the mismatch and the discography working. I restored the latest backup again (which did work) and the issue transferred across. :frowning:

@jamie on further investigation, the artists affected for me mostly seem to have albums where I have local content and/or have edited the tracks in some way, e.g combining mixed formats or hiding tracks. I can’t find an artist this affects where I only have streaming albums added and not edited them in some way. Not sure if this is true for others and it might be a red herring but thought I’d throw it out there.

What James has described above it the same for me - artists where I only have streaming albums added and not edited them in some way seem fine; it’s the artists where I have local content and/or have edited the tracks in some way, e.g combining mixed formats or hiding tracks that only seem to be impacted.

Thanks for describing that so nicely, James!

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I have just experienced the issue happen to an artist, whereby editing an album broke the discography.

The band is Hookworms, and until 10 mins ago their discography displayed fine. I had an unidentified album with hidden and mixed format tracks. I identified it and edited some data where the files didn’t match the metadata tracks (album: The Hum).

The album now displays artworks and is identified but the discography will no longer load.

@jamie Following on from the above, I have just gone through the ‘identify album’ process again, and this time selected ‘none of these look right > use basic file information’

The album is now unidentified and the discography loads again.

Hope this helps.

I did something similar and also broke/fixed my discography - my discography for Heart was working fine with both Tidal and ripped/library albums. So, for Heart’s Bebe Le Strange, the Tidal version doesn’t have the bonus tracks but has a higher bit-rate, so I added the bonus tracks to the Tidal album/playlist and the Heart Discography stopped working. If I remove the bonus tracks from the Tidal album/playlist the discography works fine again and the 2 bonus tracks show up on their own as a version of the album, Bebe Le Strange. I’ll keep investigating but I think the “mixed format tracks” factor might be key here as that’s what was going on with my Heart Tidal album/playlists.

ETA: I just had the same experience with Barry Adamson - I removed the library bonus tracks I added to a Tidal playlist for the same album (Memento Mori) and now the discography works again. Again, adding the bonus tracks back to my library (but not adding them to the Tidal album/playlist) makes them appear as a separate 2-track version of the same album, Memento Mori.

I’m glad this is fixable, but it would be unfortunate if I can’t edit/add to Tidal playlists - I can make a separate playlist adding it all together (the Tidal tracks and the library tracks) and the discography still works but that’s not the same as being able to edit the album. Can others edit their Tidal playlists in this way and add library tracks to them without losing their discographies?

Thanks again to James for the guidance and detective work!

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Following this thread as I have the same issue. I can confirm that resetting the database did not help for me either. Thanks @Eric_Luther and @James_Hobson for their investigations. Hopefully a fix is on the way!

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Thank you gents for chiming in with additional details. I’ve reached out to QA with some traces that are showing up in our logs. I hope it helps them determine a cause. I’ll post an update when I know more.

Thanks so much!

Just touching base to keep this thread alive - any updates?

Hey @Eric_Luther - I just checked and the ticket is in progress, with recent activity on the ticket too. We’ll let you know if anything further is needed from your end. Thanks for your continued patience!

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Hey @Eric_Luther, thank you for reaching out! As @noris mentioned some headway has been made. We appreciate the help you’ve contributed by submitting your observations they were helpful. We hope to have a fix patched through to a new build sometime soon. :v:t2:

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Looks like Roon 2.0 has fixed the discography issue. Thanks Team Roon!

Yep. Fixed here as well with 2.0. Great work again! Thanks!

Hey @Martijn & @Bolus. That’s correct a fix for the discography visibility issue was patched into the new build. We appreciate the help you provided by sharing your troubleshooting observations.


This is great news. Ironically, considering this update, I am working away until Thursday but looking forward to checking it out when back home. :slight_smile:

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