Discover screen performance issues with Android 7.0 Nougat/Google Pixel C

Hi Daniel,

I assume the S7 Edge gives you the phone interface.
On the phone interface it works fine, this issue is specific for the tablet interface.

Yes, it does. But my Samsung Tab S2 does not have an issue either. But, it is on Marshmallow and not Nougat.

I’ve been having trouble too with Discovery. I stopped using it on Android entirely. Works fine on windows & iphone.

The other thing is that Roon keeps crashing while I’m using it. For example, if I use it almost continuously for 10 minutes surfing music, reading reviews, etc, it usually crashes at some point. I was thinking it’s because I’m using an old Lenovo yoga tablet with perhaps insufficient memory (although I have no other apps running in the background). I’m very hesitant to buy another android tablet if I’m going to find the same issue…

Hi Eric - I see this issue has been very persistent. Is there any light at the end of the tunnel? There has been no update from support on this issue since Oct 16…

Hey @Pete_Moody – thanks for checking in. This thread has gotten a little unwieldy, so I want to try and untangle things a little bit.

As I mentioned earlier today, we have not done a lot of Android specific work over the last few months. There are also a few tickets open regarding the Discover screen, and we are planning to tackle those soon as well, which is another reason why this issue has languished longer than we’d like.

I can reproduce some performance issues related to the Discover screen, and rest assured that we’re tracking this and intend to address the problem. I’ve added this the agenda for a dev meeting we have scheduled for later this week, and I’ll follow up here with an update once that happens.

There are a lot of other issues mentioned in passing in this thread, and I want to make sure we don’t lose track of those either. For now, I’ve renamed this thread to reflect our focus on the Discover issue. If you’re having _any_other issues related to Roon or Android, please open a new thread in the Support section with full details of your setup so we can investigate.

Thanks for your patience everyone.

Hi @mike,

As the Discover screen issue turned out to be the main topic of this thread I agree with the focus update.

I want to take the opportunity to bring 2 other Android specific issues to your attention:

My Sony 8 inch tablet loads randomly in portrait or landscape mode.

I can confirm the slow loading of discovery screen in landscape mode. The same device loads discovery screen notably faster in portrait mode.

I have slow loading too of discovery on my Samsung Galaxy Tab2 running android 7, my Samsung s6 running android 7 has no issues but I guess the screen is a lot smaller.

I have just discovered this thread after suffering from exactly the same discover problem - loading grey images at first, hanging, and then suddenly paging very fast as it loads the images and catches up with my attempted scrolling.
I had originally just accepted this as I was running an ancient laptop as the core and put the problem down to its lack of power. However I have just upgraded to ROCK so was disappointed to see the problem persisting, albeit not so badly. Searching the forum unearthed this thread. I am running android 7 on a Samsung Tab S2.
Testing with my PC as a remote shows no problems and to add insult to injury, even my tiny Sony Xperia phone with Android 6 is fine. Each connected to my network via wifi. Rock is wired in.
I thought I’d add my 2 penn’orth and see if Roon are offering light at the end of the tunnel as I see there has been no update on the topic from them since March (though it’s clear they have been busy so no real complaint).


Just to be clear, as with the topic of the thread, you are talking about the Discover screen?

Yes. Sorry I didn’t make it clear.

@mike Just curious … what’s the status regarding the Discover screen issue of this thread? Nothing changed over more than a year. I would appreciate it if I would be able to use Discover without the Roon freeze, it’s a great feature … when it works.

Android isn’t a big priority, I gather, but this issue and the missing letters do have an impact on my day-to-day use and appreciation of Roon and I’d love to see them fixed …


Unfortunately the update to Android 8 made these issues minor for me. An app crash when the device enters standby makes it barely usable:

We did some work recently that makes it much easier for us to work on Android generally, so you can expect to see some work we’ve deferred in the past kicking into high gear.

As for Discover specifically, we are working on a UI refresh that should improve Discover quite a bit, and we would address any performance issues in the refreshed UI. I don’t have a timeline for when that work is going to go live (it’s still in the design phase), but we are aware of these issues and we’re working to address them in a comprehensive way.


Thanks for the update, @mike. Looking forward to the new stuff. Good luck!

Great stuff in 1.4. I guess this build wasn’t meant to improve Discover, because nothing changed in it’s behaviour. If something should have changed, @Mike, I’d like to know…


This work will happen when we do a bigger overhaul of the UI next year. It’s still coming!

:+1: @mike thanks & enjoy your holidays!

Just wanted to add to this discussion to say I am seeing the same slow discover behavior on my 10" ASUS ZenPad running android 7.0 as well as the frequent roon isn’t responding issue. Its disappointing because discover is one of my favorite features of roon, I hope this issue hasn’t been forgotten and we might see some resolution soon!

So, what happened “later this week”? I don’t see the promised update.

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