Discovered Tidal MASTER / MQA Albums

(Andy Merrill) #1

This topic is a place to share your Tidal MQA discoveries as apart from the “New Releases/Masters” section they aren’t easy to find. Hopefully, this will only be needed in the short term but it’ll be great to see what you all find.

Feel free to post individual album names and artists you find or an MQA tagged export from your Roon.


(Andy Merrill) #2

And here’s my list so far (345 albums and counting)

LibraryAlbums-636193977684530660.csv (58.6 KB)

(Shawn Costello) #3

Pantera - Cowboys from Hell and Vulgar Display of Power

(Paul V Kraft) #4

At least Tidal is making it easier. There are now over 450 albums right on the What’s New: Masters page.

(Andy Merrill) #5

Yep, seems to be growing list although I can only see around 370 albums listed here in the UK, could be a country thing I guess.

(Paul V Kraft) #6

Thanks for the list!

The Cars, Candy-O, Panorama, Shake It Up

(Andy Merrill) #7

Saturns Pattern - Paul Weller


Very helpful list, @Andy_Merrill, thanks a lot!

(Chris ) #9

Faces, Long Player added today.

(Tomas Carlsson) #10

Over here in Sweden I can see and play the masters from the Tidal desktop app, but I dont see how I can play them from Roon? Anyone?/Tomas

(Peter Hafkamp) #11

Nathan East - Nathan East

(Chris ) #12

Add them to Favourites in Tital and they will sync up in Roon.

(David Chinnici) #13

genius. thank you for posting this. Would you be OK if I posted this as a shared google sheet so people can add to it as they find new additions?

(Andy Merrill) #14

Great Idea David. I have an update with even more albums on it so I’ll push this up as a csv shortly.

(Chris ) #15

By all means. Tidal seems to be constantly updating. So refresh and check what’s new.

(Andy Merrill) #16

As suggested by @David_Chinnici here’s a link to a Google spreadsheet that you can view and edit (play nice please)

Now up-to 486 albums and counting :slight_smile:

Filtering results
Master tag in TIDAL client messed up right now
Soooo... What happened to Tidal's 30k MQA albums?
(AT) #17

Great job guys!!

(Andy Merrill) #18

Added 32 more albums to list…inc Iron Maiden and more ELP

(AT) #19

Just one…Band Of Horses

(Benjamin Gold) #21

So do we add to the list or can we import this list into Roon? Sorry I’m confused, which isn’t hard to do. LOL

There’s gotta be a better way to find all the MQA albums in Roon??