Discovered Tidal MASTER / MQA Albums

Over on HH in the original thread they explain why there are duplicates.

Original HH Post

But even with these it still looks like a mighty fine list; the most complete one I’ve ever seen. Plus another 10 have just been added to it.


A while ago I learned that my list was far from complete, but have not been able to find the time required to completely rework my methodology, other than a minor improvement. I’m glad there is now a far more complete list.

I’ve also added a link to the more complete list at the top of my spreadsheet. So people who’ve found my list will be able to get to the new one.

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No worries Peter. Your spreadsheet has been incredible useful.

As you say, the bigger the list, the more useful it is but I wonder if that other list is also incomplete.

I wonder how they have been scanning for MQA albums. Maybe the MQA library is even bigger than we know.

We all know what the ultimate is and we are all patiently waiting for it, i.e. going to Focus even Tidal albums in Roon and filtering MQA albums. :sunglasses: one day, maybe

Looking at the HH site, another 134 Albums have been added to Tidal today and the CSV file has been updated.

Lots of 192Khz Classical, Transferred from the Original Everest Records Master Tape.

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The list on HH is being updated daily with new finds and as of today there are 7,481 albums in total; and when duplicated are removed it’s still an impressive 6,407 unique albums.

The column showing the original MQA sample rate is a nice touch.


Sadly not avalible without registering… this should be open to the public!

if the link doesn’t work, try googling meridian unplugged, the file is in the MQA section.

You should then be able to download the csv.

I think the link should be open; please try this one. (I’ve just got to it with out logging in)

It appears that the forum software was corrupting the link.

Has this been fixed in the meantime?

I have not investigated this further since the Meridian Unplugged list is more complete, so I don’t see the need for a duplicate effort.

Here is the most recent Google Spreadsheet on Tidal/MQA

1800 albums + the end of the spread sheet has intermittent MQA additions.

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Where are the other 6000 albums that are on the Meridian lIst?

This is the only list I find from Meridian, far cry from 6000?
I imported it into exel spreadsheet and only see 346 albums?

That list is just ~200 shy of 10.000 albums.

On a Mac, use Data > Get External Data > Import Text File… and select Comma as delimiter to get a sheet properly formatted in columns.

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Thanks for the help, but got lost with the … select Comma. . not a great Exel user, and as you noted I am a Mac user, the links from the Meridian site came up kind of jumbled, and I saved it as a CSV file, but still only. Any better link to a CSV file that is more compatible with a knucklehead mac user? Thanks

Sent you a Private Message with the list preformatted in Excel format. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time.

Is there a way to search Tidal Masters by Genre? I can search by Masters, and View All, but I just want say Country or Classical.

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