Discovery > featured Performer not playing

If I use the Discovery feature (I am on v1.1) to select a featured performer then no music plays. I get the play overlay and click on the play icon but the bottom playing now window doesn’t change from the previous track.
So if I had previously used Discover Artist and it had played Aerosmith’s Sweet Emotion if I then select Featured Performer Marc Ribot I get a small black rectangular pop up window just on top of the bottom track info window that says “Roon: played_empty_swim” but the playing now window doesn’t change.
I can click back to discovery and select another Feature Performer and it still displays the same pop up “Roon: played_empty_swim” (I have been playing around trying to get this to work so empty_swim could be associated with one of the previous attempts)

Featured Artist and other selections seem to work just not Featured Performer.

If the Featured Performer is a named main artist on one of my owned albums then it will play. If they are a contributor or main artist on Tidal then it will not play.

Thanks @Ged_Hickman – we’re aware of this issue, and it should be fixed with some other Radio improvements we have planned for the near future.

Thanks for the report!

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