Display Artifacts After 1.8 Update

Windows 10 64 bit OS - After 1.8 Roon app update artifacts now on display as below. Uninstalled and reinstalled latest 64 bit download and problem persists. No problem with Roon running on iPad, same core.

Update your graphics driver first to the latest from the manufacturer.

Hi @Dan_Hench

Were you able to get things up and running with a GPU driver update? This seems to do the trick for most, but please let us know!

Hi Dylan,

Thanks for getting back with me – I updated the driver to the latest version as below and am unfortunately still having the same issue. I noticed a new release dated 2-3-21 but the update is actually the same driver version as before, See screen shot below takenafter installing the driver below.

• Intel Graphics Driver (Version 1709 or later)
• 03 Feb 2021
• 183.05 MB

Let me know if you need additional information on the PC, etc.

Hi Dan,

Just a fellow user here. Try the solution posted by Allen of Roon see this link;

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