Distortion with new SoTM sms 200 ultra neo


This week I put a new SoTM sms 200 ultra neo in my system.
When I play music a got a lot of distortion.
I use a Nucleus+ and an RME ADI-2 dac FS that goes with usb into the SoTM.
I see no clipping on the RME and also not in Roon.
What to do now? Is it a setting I must change on the SoTM?

Thanks in advance for help!

King regards,


Hi Frans, you know, there is a good reason for the template when creating a support request.
And to be quite honest it looks very much like a SOtM setting issue.
Set the buffers in Roon Setup in Eunhasu to the default values (i dont remember them) and make sure the RME is identified properly. (And connected to the Audio port of the SOtM)

Do get distorted audio for all kinds of media? DSD, RedBook PCM, High Rez etc?

Hi Mikael,
SoTM is set to 0,50 sec buffer duration and 0,20 resync delay.
RME is connected via the audio usb from the SoTM.
And yes, distortion of my local files and also with Qobuz high res files.

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There are some measurements about the really bad power supply packed with the SOtM.
This can also produce some distortions.
I’ve never used the orginal one with mine but changed it immediately with a linear one.

I did the same. All my stuf has a Farad power supply.

Change the ethernet cable, wirth a try.

Do you experience distorsion with DSD as well as PCM?

Hi, I don’t play dsd, but distortion is with every file format, aiff, wav, etc.

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I changed every cable, and distortion stays.

I have now tried all kinds of settings in the SoTM, so buffer and delay settings, but I still experience considerable distortion, especially with high tones.

I’m going to replace all the ethernet cables tonight, see if that’s the issue. I now use Audioquest carbon RJ/E cat 7 cables. I also have Chord Company C-Stream network cables, so I’m going to try those.

Anyone else using an RME adi-2 dac FS in addition to a SoTM sms 200 ultra neo?

Try a normal cheap ethernet cable.

I am very doubtful that the ethernet cable has any impact whatsoever, but why not?
Just try one of the standard USB-ports on the SOtM also? Just for sports!

The distortion is the RME output it too high into the preamp probably 3volts which is too high…
Set your dac output to 2volts… Don’t forget RTFM of your RME

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Thanks for your reply, but I don’t understand.
I use the RME also as preamp.
And what do you meen by RTFM?

It means; Read The F*cking Manual.

Not a polite message but thats on the one writing it.

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Just to clarify how everything is connected, my chain looks like this:
English Electric 8Switch > RJ/E Cat 7 Cable > Roon Nucleus+ with Roon server software.
English Electric 8Switch > RJ/E Cat 7 Cable > SOtM sMS-200ultra Neo Network Audio player > USB Cable > RME ADI-2 Dac FS (also used as a preamp) > XLR Cables (balanced) > Focal Trio 11 Be’s.

What did you use before you had the sotm into the RME?

English Electric 8Switch > RJ/E Cat 7 Cable > Roon Nucleus+ with Roon server software > USB Cable > RME ADI-2 Dac FS (also used as a preamp) > XLR Cables (balanced) > Focal Trio 11 Be’s.
And then there was no distortion.

But Roon recommends a separate streamer, so I decided to use a SoTM for that.
And now I have distortion.

I rebuilt my entire installation from scratch. With only one item added every time.
But I still have distortion with a lot of music, especially in the high tones.

The only thing I can still try is replace the dac with an older one that I still have (project dac).

I will try that next Friday. I’m curious.

Hi Frans,
I also use a SoTM sms 200 utltra neo.
There are very few settings which can be changed on the SoTM.
Mine are:
Volume mode: Fixed Volume
DSD Rate: x512
Buffer duration: 0.50 sec
Resync delay: 0.20 sec
With those settings, it is working OK.

What powersupply are you using? The original one, or something else. Perhpas try to change the powersupply as a test.

Good luck, Frank.