Do you still listen to analogue source?

Had the opportunity to listen to some master tape copies on these a few weeks ago!
Anyone who feels that digital is the ultimate in reproducing music should be prepared to be proven wrong! :grinning:


I only listen to an analogue source , it all starts life as digital however

Sorry couldn’t resist , pedantic as ever , I have been 100% digital and “media less” for over 10 years now (including books and video) .

I had an LP12, a Revox A77 and a Nakamichi CR7e in the dim and distant , brilliant but scratching and tape noise :smiling_imp:

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I own zero books, tapes, cassettes, LP’s, 45’s, CD’s, DVD’s, etc. Those years are long past. Streaming works for me.

I am still looking for a means to “stream” books rather than buy them ?

Audio is ROCK/NUC, then one streamer / amp box. One Ethernet cable , one pair of headphones. I’m almost as minimalist as you

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Absolutely wonderful medium when done right but even for myself a lot of bother to upkeep correctly.
And the cost of the media is eye watering right now.
I managed to part with all my r2r gear and tapes although I’m sure that will shock some people :joy:




A couple years back I could have posted a similar montage.
No r2r now.
Still have 4 TT and 3 cassette decks though😎

I see you have an STS reel , pricey but they are real time recordings

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@Mike_O_Neill Check bookbub they send links daily to free books.

You have a Naim tuner.:heart:

Yes Nat02 bought new in 1989 when they first came out, got it before any reviews had appeared, might be the only one silver bumper as they changed to olive.

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My Demag. and head cleaning kit. Soft toothbrush is excellent to use to clean heads.

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Short answer: yes

Longer answer: 300-ish albums, Rega planar 6, Ania MC. In my living room, not my “listening room” or office. It’s a somewhat social activity to listen to vinyl. And it’s important. Yes I think the sound is different, and in many cases more luxurious. But when I’m going to the trouble, I like to share. Or perhaps when I want to “really” put on Decade or Bill Evans, I want to have an experience. Not quite like watching a movie, but somewhere in that world.

I still have way too much audio stuff and too many streaming services, etc. Maybe next year I’ll start cutting back on some of that.

If I was short on funds, I would even consider cutting back to Apple Music, iPhone, FiiO KA1, and Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones.

My only issue with Apple Music is the lack of a “Tidal Connect” type of approach using an i Device as a Control App. At the moment you still need to use an iPad/iPhone as a Renderer then Cast AirPlay (Unless I missed something) or have a USB cable dangling from the device to your DAC.

Also when is Apple Classical going to appear (aka Primephonic) not much of 2022 left !!

Doesn’t AirPlay 2 do the same? It sure acts that way…

Same here, practically verbatim

I still prefer listening to vinyl rather than streaming.