Does Roon care about non-streamers anymore?

Qobuz US Catalog has improved, and the Qobuz staff will add titles if you request it (and they have it).

Besides introducing me to tons of new music, Roon/Tidal has also given me access to lots of new old music. Streaming The Stooges, 50th Anniversary Edition right now.

I can’t help but wonder what the urgent non-streaming features that some users want are? Of the features that I still really want in Roon, almost all apply to both streaming and non-streaming:

  • UI Improvements
  • AppleTV app
  • Ability to connect to my Roon Core from outside my network (ie at work)
  • Easier room correction (DIRAC?)

The only things that I want that are really just for non-streaming are improvements to the metadata for live/bootleg albums and alerts when my favorite artists add a streaming album.


I saw Iggy and the Stooges perform at the Royal Festival Hall in 2013. Absolutely brilliant, the best bit was when Iggy invited the whole audience to dance on stage with them. The bouncers at the front were just bewildered as to what they could do.

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Me too. I see Roon as mature for non-streamers, in that it works great - a possible exception being box set handling (but I don’t understand that either). The future is streaming, and subscriptions for everyone.


I am guessing that you are not a non-streamer.

I have a plumber I use. The first time he visited, to give me an estimate, he told me what he thought about our home (too large, we could have spent less by living in his neighborhood). The second time he came, he needed to leave our new laundry sink in our garage. This time he told me what he thought of my cars (both are too expensive, why would I buy a sports car with only two seats). The third time he came over, he needed to access the ceiling in my listening room. Yup, now he had an opinion about my stereo system (speakers too big, I need a CD player).

Yet I still use him. Why? He does great plumbing work for reasonable prices.

My point is, who cares what @danny or anyone else at Roon thinks of your musical taste? Maybe you only listen to recordings of steam engines. So what. If Roon lets you do what you want, who cares what they think about you? You pay Roon to do whatever it is you do with it, not to give you advice on music (try Gramophone magazine for such advice).


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Through this whole thread all you have done is reiterate that you think Roon does not add any new features for local libraries, but you have not provided one example of a new feature you would like. So, I am curious what new features you think need to be added to better support local libraries. While a steam a lot, I also have a big storage library and continue to add to it so I am always interested in new ideas/features.


A good plumber with reasonable pricing is hard to find. It’s also a job that unlikely to be automated out of work anytime soon.

Your plumber should be very glad you are successful, otherwise you’d be doing your own plumbing repairs. :grinning:

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Sure. My point was that opinions are like you know. Everyone has one. Roon management thinking that a customer is closed minded or whatever should not bother the customer any more than my plumber’s opinion about my car affects how I enjoy driving. The customer isn’t paying Roon for their opinions on how to appreciate music.

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My post was in the same light :sunglasses:

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I was wondering where the thread as per title vanished to?

I recall somebody wanted new features for non-streamers, but I don’t think any have been suggested. Does that mean that Roon has no room for improvement for those who largely use Roon with their local library? The inference at the start of the thread was that Roon developers had not implemented new features for non-streamers in a long while. However, if non streamers can’t provide suggestions on the topic, then no doubt one would infer they are happy as they cannot think of anything that’s missing as Roon operates in its current state.


Good idea, but where/how would Roon collect such data, given bootlegs by nature aren’t commercial releases? Notwithstanding, of course if it can be implemented, then why not. :smiley:

I suspect the non-streamers have made their desires for improvements in a multitude of request over the past days, weeks, months, and years. This single tread is not necessarily the place to do that again.

Yup fair call. As a new user, unfortunately, I have little to add by way of feature requests. Still getting the hang of what’s here & slowly trying to update artist images. With over 1880 artists in my local library, a large portion are without an image, it’s not an overnight job. I can envisage it will take months.

Notwithstanding, it would have been ‘nice’ to read some more experienced user’s thoughts here, rather than having to wade through a multitude of threads.


As a 100 percent streamer from Tidal and Qobuz, there is nothing more I want or need Roon to do. For me, it’s perfect and works perfectly.

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Imagine a bank that answered the phone with: “Hello from Acme Bank, we find your views on financial matters to be closed-minded and lazy, but don’t be offended because it is okay with us that you are closed-minded and lazy! How can I help you?”

Would you call that a good customer experience? I think it is closer to what happened in this thread than your plumber example.

Personally, I found the tone in this thread unnecessarily confrontational, nit-picky, and off-putting, and told danny as much, but I acknowledge that it is danny’s show to run.


If it ain’t broke…don’t fix it. The attitude that we need a new overhaul every six months is wasteful and an implicit feature of planned obsolescence. Apple, retarding their phones every third cycle a prime example. I have 5000 albums in my database ( but I haven’t acquired many lately) and i will often compare one of those albums to something that i can stream. Both play equally well, sometimes i forget which is local and which is streaming.

We don’t need change for change’s sake. Roon is Roon.

If the bank paid ten percent Interest, I could care less. :grin:

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The thing actually works pretty good. The danger with upgrades is sometimes things get fouled up like during the Apple Catalina upgrade. That was a mess.