Does the NAD C700 support RAAT?

Hi @support
Is the NAD C700 a Roon Ready device?
I am willing to buy this device as a replacement for my Powernode 2i and I would like to make sure it is RAAT compatible. In the NAD dedicated page, it shows as Roon Ready but not yet in the Roon partners list.
Please clarify
Many thanks in advance

Until it shows up on this page with a “Roon Ready” designation, I’m going to assume not.

Hi @skbe,

The C700 Roon Ready certification being finalized and should be announced shortly.



Thanks John

Thanks for the update. Still, I think the best advice for Roon Subscribers is to hold off on a purchase until certification is officially announced on Roon’s Partners page.

Announcements of Roon compatibility from manufacturers show intent but are otherwise meaningless, practically speaking.

John I know you cannot commit on a timeline. But in this case when you say shortly, is it a matter of days or a matter of months? Best regards

It is important to me because I already bought the C700 and I can cancel this order if RAAT implementation will take months

My advice is to cancel the order if you still can. A small hick-up in the certification process could result in you being unable to use the product with Roon for months or longer. If you’re okay with only the BluOS functionality, that might be okay, but if you have your heart set on using it with Roon, IMHO, it’s not worth the risk.


If I don’t have a clear response by Monday yes I think I will cancel the order and wait to see how things are going

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Hi @skbe,



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I just saw it was in the partners list just now. I received it today and did not cancel my order :slight_smile:

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Wahouuuu this Roon Ready NAD c700 is a very good device for my BW 607+BW asw608 secondary system !!! I really like this analytical sound

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Hello @support
I noticed that since the latest BluOS update, the signal path shows “Enhanced” for Analog amplifier within the NAD C700. Please picture below:

1- I always thought it was not an analog amplifier but a digital one in the NAD C700
2- Why analog amplifier is “Enhanced” and not “Lossless”

Just wanted to have clarity on this and to make sure it is not a bug.

Do you have any type of digital processing enabled on the amp. This is reporting the amps doing something to the audio chain.

In this case, everything is off
But I don’t know if the amp is doing something on the signal, this is why I wanted confirmation from @support
And I mentioned that this is new, just appeared after the BluOS update. This was not the case before the update

It’s a class D amplifier, hence analog. D does not stand for digital.

Ok but why the signal path displays it as Enhanced and not Lossless
I have also a pair of BW Duo, same signal but Analog amplifier is shown as Lossless

In any case there is no problem with the sound, it is a just of curiosity

Here are the release notes of the latest BluOS, something changed :

Like Simon said (Simon says :slight_smile: ) you probably have some signal processing activated in the BluOS app. Check settings under “Player” and see what is going on.

Enhanced does not mean it’s not lossless. It just means some additional processing is going on in the endpoint.

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Hey all. I have this too now with a powernode 2021 going into some kef LS50 metas.
Before today it always showed lossless not enhanced. :man_shrugging: