Does the new Roon update work?

Does the new Roon update work?

Write Please if you have a working new update

yes, working fine, running Roon on ROCK core. Controlling from Win10 laptop and iphone/ipad.

Have you restarted your core since the update ?

Stuck on “initializing” since then.
I’m on a synology nas.

No issues updating on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

Nope …

Wait, what? There was an update?

You mean making some sort of change so that some connected devices could go into standby?
Really, how big a population could that be?

With all the outstanding problems Roon has, including this new set of problems seemingly caused by the latest update, I hope this somewhat limited appealing power save enhancement didn’t take longer than a man-day to design and code.

These Roon updates are incremental, I have Meridian and so the stand by is useful to me and works great also. SWMBO often leaves things on… not any more… well done Roon.

A lot of work under the hood is dealing with things many people have been asking for like poor colours and fonts, no portrait on iPad Pro etc, all dealt with. MQA and DSD issues sorted.
It amazes me people complain what ever Roon do as if they are the only user… It’s all got to be done and other priorities will be next…

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I have exactly the same problem after updating the ROON SW. I am stuck at …initialising…
Hopefully somebody has the key to this problem… because now nothing works…

No problems here. Everything works fine.

Chris -
You know my posts enough to realize that in general I’m positive about Roon, so I consider it unfair to paint me with this brush.

Lately, the needed reboots that many people are experiencing, the rash of ‘No Audio Devices Found’, the ongoing complaints about the ineffectiveness of Search, the pain of trying to deal with Box Sets (classical or otherwise), the general fragility of the Roon database and now an update that impacts connection to the Core are things that can no longer be ignored.

If the software gets a name as being too flaky, then no amount of enhancements are going to get over that.

You complain about people thinking they are the only user, but then you say this -

BTW - After a couple of reboots, I have no problem connecting to the Core (RoonServer under WIN10), but that’s not the bigger picture.


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Windows 10 updated no problem

I’m having the same issue with Roon stuck “Initializing” since the 1.7 Build 536 update.

Running Roon Server on Windows 10.

All good so far.

Have you updated the remote app?

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More than a minute is extremely slow…
Overview takes about 3.5 seconds here. Before the update it took less than 2 seconds. Search is really fast, though (0.9 seconds for “Miles Davis”).

That particular post seemed unwarranted to me, hence my reply.
My reference to Meridian is a fact and shows that Roon do work on things for people and other things will be in the next release. Maybe nothing for me as has happened many times. I don’t use DSP or Roon correction but know plenty do. I don’t complain that Roon do this work for the good of all.

No …been stuck on “inializing” for 4 hours now . Only had it a week and it’s crashed already

Nucleus , Synology NAS , Naim Uniti Star , ipad