Does the new Roon update work?

Much faster for me. Also Synology NAS. Linn DSM, iPad. No Nucleus.

Not only is it working for me (Core running on a 2012 Mac), the developers finally fixed an mqa issue I was having and my Android tablet works again with Roon.

Roon does the work they do and makes the enhancements they make because it enhances their selling points to new users, not out of some altruism. It’s a business, so how else could it be?

It’s more of a selling point, particularly in the Anthropocene Age, to conserve power usage than to tidy up any code responsible for the constant need for Roon reboots that impacts many, e.g…

Stay safe.

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Further to previous post : out of curiosity I made my Mac the core instead of Nucleus and it started to happily scan the NAS , however the Roon app on iPad then showed the Mac as “initialising “ ???

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Updated Core on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS y Remote on Mac OS without problem at all. Works just fine.

Works fine here…

Hi everyone,

We’ve posted an update here:

If you were having any issues connecting to your Core please try rebooting the Core and relaunching Roon on the remotes and things should be working for you. Apologies for the trouble!

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Yes, restarted core (Roon on ROCK core), and restarted win10 roon to control. All working OK. I will say that after doing the update, the “database update” took a particularly long time before Roon user interface was availaible. I have about 113,000 local tracks. No Tidal or Quoboz.

Working fine for me, but this time I made sure to check for updates on my iPad too.

Working fine for me.

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Always in the same place… or maybe you were joking?

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Works for me. It was working for me before, so no change. Windows 10 core and endpoint PCs, android remote.

Works for me - and has fixed the washed-out colours and text issues on my ThinkPad 10 tablet and on my Surface 3.

Worked for me without any issues. I am using Mac mini 2018 as a headless server. I feel bad for all those who are experiencing problems. Maybe it’s a network issue?

MOCK here. Hit reinstall and a couple of minutes later it was back up and running and updated. Been fine for me :slight_smile:

Roon Server updated and working on my NUC 7i5 running ROCK:

Screenshot 2020-04-22 at 18.46.45

Roon also updated and working on a Win10 Laptop and MacBook Pro.

It does make me consider whether updating as soon as there’s a new version is sensible. I’ve been lucky so far.

Someone has to do it… :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can wait but it’s like