Dolby Atmos Music is now available to Tidal HiFi subscribers

Good question. I didn’t select anything but the stream from the Tidal app on Apple TV appears to automatically select “Dolby Atmos” mode (at least that is what appears on the AVRs front screen).

So are you saying that Roon can play multichannel Atmos music via Tidal?

I haven’t fooled with the Tidal app on ATV4K recently. Last time I did, I could not get it to work. So, this afternoon, I deleted the app and reinstalled and linked the ATV4K Tidal app to my Tidal account, and bingo, it’s working again.

While I only have a Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound system, I’m playing a Dolby Atmos version of Lady Gaga’s A Star Is Born and it sounds pretty good. I suppose it’s getting downmixed to 5.1.

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I may never use Roon again. This updated Tidal app on ATV4K sounds incredible on my little Bose 5.1 system, not just playing Dolby Atmos, but Tidal Masters also.

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That was probably an exaggeration. However, I’ve been using the Tidal app on ATV4K since this afternoon and no desire to turn it off.

So many roonies dis 5.1 and I don’t understand why. Listen to a Steven Wilson 5.1 mix on your theatre system and it adds immensely to the 2.0 mix. Now Atmos even fills the room more. I wish it was easier to find on Tidal. Besides the playlists is there a specific Atmos section. It would be nice if Roon could integrate this somehow.
Prog On!


That downmixing does not work for me, I have a Denon AVC-X6700H with only 5.1 setup, the receiver is Atmos capable of course with more speakers, but with 5.1 setup, playing in the Tidal app, says fall back to stereo.
How did you get that downmix to work?

Now there’s an interesting one, a Mono recording in Dolby Atmos

I welcome the verity, but at heart I love Stereo

I don’t think I can answer your question. My Apple TV 4K is connected by HDMI to my LG OLED C7 Dolby Atmos TV. From there it’s HDMI to Bose 5.1 system. I have no way to verify what’s going on other than listening to the sounds coming out of the rear speakers.

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That Dolby logo must be pence to add to things nowadays.

Everything that comes out is labelled up & it certainly feels like it’s loosing any weight it had with those in the know.

I get what they’re trying to do but it does feel like something the world doesn’t really need.

Dolby Atmos only ever works properly through a cinema system with height channels. These cheap upfiring soundbars & Samsung phones are very ineffective at producing anything that sounds like Dolby Atmos.


Thanks Jim, that explains it. (To TV’s it’s supported)

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I have listened to a lot of multi-channel music and now to atmos, I tend to agree with Nigel…

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Fair point I think

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I just today had four in-ceiling speakers installed (Best Buy installs for free if you buy the speakers from them. KEF and Martin Logan are available as well as less high-end brands. I went with Sonance since our house is probably not going to be our “forever house”. After listening to a dozen tracks i am firmly in the " worth the cost" camp. Its definitely a different experience than stereo or even multichannel formats such as DTS:Neural X. “Rocket Man” just floored me, as well as all of Abbey Road. I used the HDMI port fom my Sony Bravia tv to stream the Atmos signal to my receiver. I dont know the logistics of Roon implementing Atmos playback, but i do believe it would benefit their bottom line.


Dark Side of the Moon on Atmos. Good.

Nigel Godrich feels that stereo is still optimum from a producer’s standpoint - because he is aiming to give the average listener an “in the room” musical experience with maximum impact. If you listen to his work on OK Computer, the dynamic impact of the shift from acoustic to electric guitars (Paranoid Android etc.) is still really impressive. You don’t need amazing gear to appreciate the engineering - budget headphones are enough.

Having said that, I have a system with full 16 channel Atmos, DTS-X and Auro processing. On occasion, you can find a well engineered Atmos recording, as Kim mentioned above.

Unfortunately, most of these are more like early Quadrophonic from the 70s. The engineering is all about effects, not music, so, like Nigel, I can’t listen to most Atmos remasters. I have moved to stereo upmixing instead - either DTS-X or Auro 3D.

Now my preferred listening is enhanced stereo using the Auro 3D stereo upmixer to create up to 13.1 virtual channels. You keep the core stereo mix, but now the band (or orchestra) are almost in the room.