Dolby Atmos Music is now available to Tidal HiFi subscribers

Good question. I didn’t select anything but the stream from the Tidal app on Apple TV appears to automatically select “Dolby Atmos” mode (at least that is what appears on the AVRs front screen).

So are you saying that Roon can play multichannel Atmos music via Tidal?

I haven’t fooled with the Tidal app on ATV4K recently. Last time I did, I could not get it to work. So, this afternoon, I deleted the app and reinstalled and linked the ATV4K Tidal app to my Tidal account, and bingo, it’s working again.

While I only have a Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound system, I’m playing a Dolby Atmos version of Lady Gaga’s A Star Is Born and it sounds pretty good. I suppose it’s getting downmixed to 5.1.

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I may never use Roon again. This updated Tidal app on ATV4K sounds incredible on my little Bose 5.1 system, not just playing Dolby Atmos, but Tidal Masters also.

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That was probably an exaggeration. However, I’ve been using the Tidal app on ATV4K since this afternoon and no desire to turn it off.

So many roonies dis 5.1 and I don’t understand why. Listen to a Steven Wilson 5.1 mix on your theatre system and it adds immensely to the 2.0 mix. Now Atmos even fills the room more. I wish it was easier to find on Tidal. Besides the playlists is there a specific Atmos section. It would be nice if Roon could integrate this somehow.
Prog On!


That downmixing does not work for me, I have a Denon AVC-X6700H with only 5.1 setup, the receiver is Atmos capable of course with more speakers, but with 5.1 setup, playing in the Tidal app, says fall back to stereo.
How did you get that downmix to work?

Now there’s an interesting one, a Mono recording in Dolby Atmos

I welcome the verity, but at heart I love Stereo

I don’t think I can answer your question. My Apple TV 4K is connected by HDMI to my LG OLED C7 Dolby Atmos TV. From there it’s HDMI to Bose 5.1 system. I have no way to verify what’s going on other than listening to the sounds coming out of the rear speakers.

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That Dolby logo must be pence to add to things nowadays.

Everything that comes out is labelled up & it certainly feels like it’s loosing any weight it had with those in the know.

I get what they’re trying to do but it does feel like something the world doesn’t really need.

Dolby Atmos only ever works properly through a cinema system with height channels. These cheap upfiring soundbars & Samsung phones are very ineffective at producing anything that sounds like Dolby Atmos.


Thanks Jim, that explains it. (To TV’s it’s supported)

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I would hugely welcome dolby atmos support in Roon from Tidal.

I do not have a high end atmos surround system, but I do have an AVR based atmos setup with height speakers. It shares the same amp and speaker as my stereo (its a hybrid AV+HT Bypass Hifi system with the quality focus on the stereo music part), but of course I have to put up with the vastly inferior pre-amp of the AVR.

For music, especially electronic music produced for atmos, then I actually dont mind compromising a bit on pure quality for the additionally immersive experience of a good atmos (or even surround) mix. It is another way to enjoy music and indeed a highly immersive surround/atmos production is a different experience to well present stereo music and I can imagine many people being quite happy to sacrifice a little of their stereo quality for a more immersive quality with surround at times.

For connection convenience - probably HDMI out of a NUC running ROCK into my AVR would be good (same for PCs and Mac).


Well it didn’t happen with 1.8 unfortunately… Maybe 1.9 ?

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I thought this article, which mentions Roon, might be relevant for this thread: Atmos Music: A World Beyond Movies

I will continue to live in hope that Roon might become one of the solutions for people who love immersive 3D music but want a lossless alternative to physical media.

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Are we ever going to get Atmos playback?

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Yeah, quite disappointing that two years after Tidal introduced Atmos support, Roon does not have it.

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