Done with these "COMPLAIN-A-THON" forums

I have never heard so much whining and complaining about “issues” that amount to nothing.
Roon is a great product, yet countless people find the silliest nitpicky things to complain about.
The need to look at this train-wreck has ruined listening to music.
I have NEVER had an issue with Roon - and so I guess that means I don’t belong here.

See ya. :wave:


Unless you can help those who do. :innocent:


And your post sums up the reason I have not come here to solve the many issues I am having with Roon. This is not a nice friendly place for people like me who sincerely have problems with this platform. There is lots of help but one has to wade though a knee deep pile of negative and personal comments. I do not like to have to ask for help when i am met with derision and snarky asides. And while this has not been my personal experience I have seen enough of it to dissuade me from posting here. What exactly do you have to gain from your post? How does it help anyone other than yourself?


Most people help where they can. I know I’ll try to help if I share similar equipment.

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A few comments:

  1. Piles of negative & personal comments have been the fare on online discussions :nauseated_face: ever since the Usenet age.
  2. Some of us try to stay out of the fray (not always successfully :grimacing:) and just provide what help we can.
  3. When software or hardware malfunctions, it’s easy to get really :hot_face: and lash out at the system’s design, developers, other users. I’ve done it. But it just brings out the worst on fans who jump in in defense. A deep breath and an objective problem report do wonders.

The problem is, most users who have ‘problems’ with Roon place the blame directly with Roon, when in the vast majority of cases it’s network infrastructure that is the real problem.



Thanks for the new word.

You seeing this @mikeb? :laughing:


Wow! So on the mark these days!

Complaining about complaining, how 2020!


A thread complaining about complainers? How novel!


Meta is the new black.


Here here mr vinceC

Complaining about EVERYTHING is the only thing most “people” do these days. Bunch of whining cry babies that have no idea what REAL problems are!

I’m having a good ole moan on Naims forum at moment. But they have dropped the ball with their latest firmware it’s just a mess and they are not managing it well at all, thier support is all over the place with no idea what’s wrong.

Be the change you want to see, not sure meta complaining’s the right route. I mostly avoid forums as they’re generally quite negative. I find this one on the refreshingly positive side. In truth I also avoid social media as it’s been known to bring out the insufferable smart ass in me. Working on that…

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And the award for most ironic thread goes to…


The type of people likely to use Roon are highly technical, and have strong views on how things should/could be done. It’s no surprise to me here that there are a lot of opinions that come across as complaints. I can only imagine that the Roon team must have developed some thick skins by now.


And in many cases they are using ‘Roon Ready’ gear that is anything but: but Roon are fixing that issue soon.

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I fully agree.
Properly diagnosing issues in a complex application is an art.

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