Don't see any Airplay or Chromecast Devices

Hi there,

i am trying to connect my Yamaha RX-A3080 (via Airplay) and my Chromecast Audio to my Roon Envirement. Sadly I don’t see any of them in the Settings->Audio menue. They are visible to my network and a I can use them with my android or apple devices but not in Roon. Is there a limitation when using Roon Server on Synology?

Hi @ManInTheHighCastle,

Do you have Open vSwitch enabled on the Synology? In the past we’ve seen this cause similar issues — Can you try disabling this and let us know how things work for you after that?

I ve disabled it and now i see the chromecast and airplay devices. I will do some tests tomorrow. Will there be a fix for that? I think some people need the vswitch option for docker and virtualization on synology. Thx

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