Doors, MP3 Weirdness

The MP3 album plays fine, times are in iTunes…

No sure of the origin of the files on this one, might be a very old RIP.

Thanks for the report. As a first step, why don’t we have a look at the media – maybe we can do better here.

If you can take a file or two that is having this issue and upload it somewhere (like Dropbox), that would be great. Just send me a link in a private message and we’ll get back to you once we’ve looked over the files.


In Dropbox, you just need to right click the folder to share the link.

Hey @pwright92 – I’m not having any issues with the files you sent. Can you confirm the details of your setup?


RoonServer running on a Debian Linux VM with local/dedicated disk for O/S and database. Media is on the host mounted to the VM using NFS.

Ok thanks @pwright92 - we’re going to try to reproduce in house. I’ll follow up in the next few days once we’ve tried.

Thanks for sending the media over!