Downgrade to 1.8 - This version Not compatible with database

Having followed all the instructions from Innuos on how to downgrade back to 1.8 for my Innuos Core back to 1.8, and upon installation of RoonLegacy.dmg , I was greeted with the infamous message: This version of Roon is not compatible with the Roon database. Is there any way past this issue, or am now left with having to reinstall all of my music again. This is likely to end my tenure with Roon if I have to start from skratch. I must say that it would have been useful to know that upgrading Roon to 2.0 was going to result in issues like this, and I really feel somewhere along the line you owe to customers to make it more clear what waters you are steering some us into (those of us who can’t upgrade their MAC OS because of some special software we have installed that won’t work under Catalina or later). Now, what? Are you completely up a creek without a paddle or is there some way out of this mess? I am very disappointed that we don’t count as being worthy of a warning that we could lose our music and have to start all over again. Or am I wrong? Is there some fix that you can steer us towards?

Are you trying to restore a backup made with 2.0?
I seem to recall reading that the backups aren’t backwards compatible.
If so, do you by chance have an earlier backup made with 1.8 you could try restoring from?

I had set the Innuos back to 1.8 but I suspect there are a few items that were added to the library after the 2.0 upgrade because I didn’t realize that this would corrupt the database. (Of course, I don’t know for certain that this corrupted the database, because I haven’t been able to install 2.0 on my iMac). I assume it corrupted the database because I set the Innuos back to a 1.8 Core but found that wouldn’t accept the database running in 1.8 Core.

There are few reasons why i can’t update to Catalina on my desktop which have to do with my editing work software and so I’ll have to buy another Mac computer. Do you or anyone else happen to know if the new Apple Airbook M2 will run Roon in native mode (not the Core software but just to control the Innuos Roon Core)?

Are you by any chance restoring a database that was used with Roon 2.0 build 1148?

From the release notes:

Should you have a backup of your database of Roon from an older version, you can still downgrade without issue.

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