Roon 2.0.3 and ARC 1.0.4 are live!

Hello Everyone,

This week’s Roon 2.0 release includes a few significant changes to Roon and ARC.

As of this build it will no longer be possible to perform an in-place downgrade from Roon 2.0 to Roon 1.8 Legacy. Users currently running 1.8 Legacy will continue to receive support and updates, but we are at a point that we need to break compatibility in order to deliver future enhancements in Roon 2.0.

ARC has received a number of updates with most centered around improving the user experience with the ARC app itself. Changes of note include implementation of a “macro-scrolling” function so as to be able to navigate long lists easily as well as implementing the unidentified state for library albums displayed in ARC.

Finally, we have resolved a long-standing issue in which the presence of certain Linn devices on a user’s network could result in repeated crashes of RoonServer.

There are a number of other usability enhancements which are not specifically called out so don’t be surprised if you notice minor changes throughout Roon and ARC.

Thank you for your continued support,
The Team at Roon Labs

What’s new in this release?

Build Numbers

Application Version
Roon / RoonServer 2.0 (build 1148) production
Roon ARC 1.0 (build 74) production
Roon Remote (Android / iOS) 2.0 (build 1148) production


  • Implemented macro-scrolling in ARC
  • Implemented ‘unidentified’ state for albums in ARC
  • Resolved an issue where RoonServer could crash when certain Linn products are in use
  • In-place downgrades of Roon to 1.8 Legacy are no longer possible
  • Numerous usability and stability improvements to Roon and ARC


Cores, remotes, and ARC installations already running Roon 2.0 production should update automatically. If you need to reinstall, the latest builds can always be found on the downloads page.