MacBook no sound after update

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I re-installed an earlier version of roon now playing.

How do I properly install the roon back up?

Anytime I install from my backup and restart roon there is an error message?

What is the error message?

Something like:

Error incapable to add 2.0 back up files to 1.8


I had to re-install 1.8 to get roon to play music

Yes, I don’t think you can use backups created by current 2.0 with 1.8 Legacy anymore. The paths of 2.0 and 1.8 Legacy diverged approx. 1 month ago with this update for 2.0:

See here as well:

However, if your intention was to stay on 2.0 but were forced to revert to 1.8 Legacy because 2.0 was not playing music, this is a different issue that still should be resolved, but I think we have to wait for @noris for this

When can We update roon without the no sound bug?

ok, thank you

Hi @Stephen_Nicoletti ,

Are you saying that with Roon 1.8, everything works as it should with your HQPlayer zone?

This seems like it might be an HQPlayer setting issue if the speakers were working ok on 2.0 directly. Did you also make any HQPlayer configuration changes when you returned to Roon 1.8?

Note: HQPlayer Desktop 4.16.2+ or HQPlayer Embedded 4.29.3+ is required to function correctly in Roon.

We are using 4.20.2

We are using 1.8 until there is a fix for 2.0, please keep me posted.

Thank you

We updated to roon 2.0 just fine, but the next update roon did made it impossible to start roon.

So we had to download 1.8 again just for roon to start.

HQPlayer works fine in 1.8, and in 2.0 but nothing works not even roon will open with the last update.

Hope this makes things clearer.

Please keep us posted on the fix, because 1.8 isn’t telling me to update the software.

Thank you,


I did delete bits, but that did nothing for us to be able to start the 2.0 + update

When do you believe we can update from (downgrading) 1.8.

2.0 played fine, 2.01 had no sound had to re-install 1.8.

We spent some 4 hours getting Roon to work after installing 2.01, (had to revert back to 1.8) don’t want to have to go through that again… Kind of ironic just recently we opted for the lifetime roon option.

Thank You,

“Did you also make any HQPlayer configuration changes when you returned to Roon 1.8?”

no, no changes

Help please!

@support help please still no sound with anything but Roon 1.8

Hi @Stephen_Nicoletti ,

Apologies for the slow response here, I missed your earlier message. Are you still having issues at the present time? I’ve activated diagnostics mode on your Mac and I am seeing that playback is working as expected according to logs. Is the sound output also behaving as expected? Let me know, thanks!

We still have our skip problem, while playing one track all of a sudden roon skips tracks maybe 1 out of 50 tracks

Can you please try using the latest Roon release from today? If encounter a skip after updating please let me know the time + date + track that caused the skip and I can check diagnostics for clues. Thanks!

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yes, updated

today 2/17/23 at 3:36 EST the song Me and Mrs. Jones by Billy Paul in the middle of the song just shipped to
Pink Panther on Saxnbass

Please help,