Dragonfly Red disappeared from zones

I have a Win10 Pro x64 PC to which I’ve attached a Dragonfly Red via a USB hub. I had been listening happily for months to my Roon Core (version 1.6, build 416, stable, 64 bit) on a separate Win10 Pro x64 PC. Last night I updated the PC with the Dragonfly to Win10 Pro 1903 (OS build 18362.388). This is a major OS update.

Today I noticed that the Dragonfly was no longer presented by Roon in my zones. I uninstalled (via Windows Device Manager) the Dragonfly, rebooted and reinstalled the Dragonfly. Still no Dragonfly in Roon. Finally I went to Roon/Settings/Audio and found, under “Connected to this PC,” Dragonfly Red but not enabled. After I enabled the Dragonfly, all is good.

I’ve seen this sort of disappearance in the past. Any idea what’s happening?

Hi @James_Antognini,

Thanks for the report here. Since this behavior only occurred after the Windows Update, it is possible that the update changed something with regard to your firewall settings.

Unfortunately, not much can be done when Windows Updates reverts firewall settings by itself, if you have another update in the future, but I would make sure that both Roon.exe and RAATServer.exe are still listed as exceptions in your Windows Defender Firewall.

In either case, glad to hear that the issue is resolved and that re-enabling the zone allowed proper communication again.

There were no changes in firewall rules (roon.exe and raatserver.exe). That was the first thing I checked.

Roon was “aware” that my Dragonfly Red existed. Otherwise, why would Roon show Dragonfly as available but not enabled in Settings/Audio/Connected to this PC?

Hi @James_Antognini,

Might it be that the USB hub drivers were updated via Windows? Did you have any other DACs connected to the USB hub that displayed the same behavior?

Given the dates I find for the drivers for “Generic Superspeed USB Hub” and for “Generic USB Hub,” those drivers were updated in the course of the OS maintenance. The device object (Windows term) associated with the Dragonfly — indeed all USB devices — was created new at about the time of the maintenance. So it is possible that the Dragonfly appeared with different characteristics at the time of maintenance, different enough that Roon regarded the Dragonfly as something new and, hence (I presume), not enabled by default.

If true, that behavior seems to me to be a defect. In general, a device shouldn’t change so much (eg, security rules could be discarded with the old appearance). But I’d judge that the defect would be the responsibility of the OS and not of a “consumer” such as Roon.

Hi @James_Antognini,

Thanks for letting me know those USB hub drivers were updated, this does likely seem to be part of what caused the behavior you noticed.

As you mentioned, this change was due to the OS itself so not much can be done on our end and I have noted your findings with the support team to be on the lookout for similar behavior when updating Windows versions.

Thanks again for the report and glad to hear the issue is resolved!

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