Dropouts with Antipodes Server and Auralic endpoint

I am also interested in this issue. I have a customer with an Antipodes server who reported random stopping on 5th November. The server logs show the same error messages as displayed earlier in this thread, and many of them when it occurs. Then .the client reconnects:

11/05 14:18:24 Trace: Successful POST response from https://push.roonlabs.com/push/1/connect
11/05 14:18:24 Trace: [push] connecting to
11/05 14:18:24 Trace: [push] connected

:and music playback resumes.

The problem has not been experienced before with this Antipdes system. DAC is an Auralic.

Hi @Tony_Devitt ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. Very appreciated! I have went ahead and split your post out to it’s own topic so we can address the issue directly with you.

Moving forward, the cited log trace in your post is a “red herring” and does not pertain to playback, it can be ignored. Furthermore, if I am understanding the issue correctly, the mentioned user is experiencing not only dropouts to the Auralic endpoint but is also experiencing a loss in remote connectivity to the server, is this correct?

A first glance the symptoms being described feel like a networking issue so having a more complete description of the user’s current setup (using this link as a guide) and network configuration would greatly aide in our understanding of the behavior being experienced.