DSD experience with Volume Control Mode

I use Mac Book pro (2016) and set playback to DSD64,128 & 252 and have the following result:

DSD64 up to DSD128 - Volume Control Mode: Use Device Control; DAC shows 5,64 MHz = play = OK
DSD64 : DSP Volume; DAC =352 kHz = hiss + music play
DSD64 : Fixed Volume; DAC 5,64 MHz = OK
DSD128 : UDC ; DAC 5,64 MHz = OK
DSD128 : DSP-V; DAC 352 kHz = hiss + music
DSD128 : FV ; DAC 5,64 MHz = OK
DSD252 : UDC ] DAC 5,64 MHz = OK
DSD252 : DSP V; DAC 352 kHz = OK
DSD252 : FV ; DAC 5,64 MHz = OK

So if setting DSP Volume, DAC shows 352 kHz and DSD64 & 128 have hiss, DSD252 has no hiss and play normal.

Any explaination? Which VCM is best to use?


Hi @Hoo_Kong_Njoo ----- Thank you for the report and sharing these observations with, both are very appreciated.

To help aide in our evaluation of this behavior you’re experiencing, may I very kindly ask you to please provide the details of your setup as seen here.


Kindly find my ROON setup:

I did the parametric setting, because the ROON sound a bit thin in compare to Audirvana.
I use the following software: Audirvana, JR-22 and HQ-player on my MAC. On my W-10: JR-22, JPlay, HQ-Player and XXH.
My own speaker, electronics and cables.

Hi @Hoo_Kong_Njoo ----- Thank you for your patience and my apologies for the slow response.

Moving forward, I would like to see if we can trigger a change in behavior here by performing the following tests:

With the “Max sample Rate” disable in the device setup…

  1. Try upsampling a PCM file to 352.8khz, what is the experience like?

  2. Try downsampling a DSD file to 176.khz, what is the experience like?



Here are my experiences to the suggestions you’ve made.

  1. The File was 44.1/16 and I upsampled it as required (352.8kHz). The impression was that it sounded more “flat” in comparison to the upsampling to DSD128 (perceived as having more body -> more lowmid)

  2. a. File was a DSD64 downsampled to 176kHz, result was a “muffled” sound, significantly less transparent sound compared to DSD64 upsampled to DSD128.

b. File was a DSD128 downsampled to 176kHz, result was a stuttering sound as the DSD128 file was unable to downsample.

any thoughts on this?
Best Regards,

Setup: MAC Book Pro 15" MACOS Sierra 10.12.4; 2.5 GHz i7; 16 G ram.
Preamp/DAC: VENTURE VP200D with build in DAC (32/768)
Power amplifier: V200A+, 200 watts Class A
Speaker: Venture speakers, different models as we manufacture the speaker, sometimes I use our active speaker Quantum Signature or other.
Cable: Venture cables, USB cable Furutech.