DSD file not play correctly

Hi Support,

When i play DSF file, my DAC only show 176.4khz but not DSD64x, also, no sound is output to the amp, is any problem in my setup or any other problem?

My path is DSF file in Synology 1618+ --> My PC --> Cocktail Audio X50 --> Holo spring R2R Dac


Looking at the x50 manual it seems to only support DSD output via the IS2 output is that how you have connected it to the DAC?

Yes, i connect X50 by I2S HDMI to the Holo Spring R2R DAC

And switched on DSD on the x50 menu?
Sorry for the questions but you didn’t give a great deal of information :blush:

yes! i have

How is DSD strategy set , mines to PCM but my DAC doesn’t do DSD

It’s in Device Settings


If you have set DSD through the path then I reckon they don’t work together.

It’s work around 2 month before when i try Roon, not sure why it’s not work now when i really use Roon

I noticed that the config page of my device (Cocktail X50) was changed a bit, is any modification on Roon (No matter the software or driver)?

Hello @Gary_Wan,

Thanks for contacting support, I’d be happy to assist here.

Can I please ask for you to post a screenshot of your Signal Path information? Furthermore, can you please provide a screenshot of your “Device Setup” for the affected Zone?

Both of these screenshots should look as follows:

Also, have you recently updated your firmware for the X50? Can you confirm that DSD via I2S is enabled as per the manual?

Please let me know when possible and we can continue from there.


Singal Path

device setup


X50 is in the latest firmware ( X50_R1203 April 19th, 2018) and DSD via I2S is enable

My Digital player is X50, but the signal path and device setup show X50(D), is it normal?

Hello @Gary_Wan,

Thank you for posting your screenshots. We’re going to schedule some time next week for our QA team to pull this device off the shelf and see if they can reproduce this issue, but I wanted to point out that in Signal Path you can see that the conversion from DSD to PCM is actually happening inside of the DAC, and not inside Roon. We’ll know a bit more once QA looks at this, but in the mean time I’d recommend looking over the settings or reaching out to Cocktail Audio for their thoughts on this matter.


Thanks Noris, I have also filed a support ticket to Cocktail Audio.

Also, I am connecting X50 to DAC (Holo Spring R2R DAC) by I2S HDMI, will it be the problem of Holo Spring?

Hello @Gary_Wan,

I am not aware of any issues sending DSD content via I2S HDMI at this time but I can inquire with the QA team when they have the unit for testing next week, I will be sure to let you know their thoughts on this matter.

I appreciate your patience while we schedule some time for testing and will let you know as soon as I have more information to share.


Thanks Noris and finger corssing…

Hello @Gary_Wan,

We are able to reproduce this issue with our Cocktail Audio device. We are reaching to Cocktail Audio, I will be sure to keep you updated on the tracking of this issue.


Thank you very much John, awaiting you good news.

Hi John/Noris,

Any update?