DSD Files on new Anthem AVM70 via Roon

So I am having an issue playing DSD Audio flles. SO I can play an SACD on my Oppo 203 4k Player over HDMI and the Anthem Pre Amp Model AVM70 displays DSD 2.8 on the OSD. Yet when I stream DSD files through Roon, it down converts to PCM 44 via Airplay. If i Use the Oppo as an endpoint, the Oppo can stream Roon DSD files, but the Anthem displays PCM 176. What is going on here?? Is this a Roon Issue? Or Anthem? This Anthem is brand new model fyi…
Any Help greatly appreciated!

Steve S.

In your device settings, what is DSD Playback Strategy set to?

In Roon I have all my iOS devices, AirPlay including the Anthem Avm70, and the Oppo.
The only devices I can set DsD Playback Strategy is on IOS devices.

The Oppo looks like this:

The Anthem Airplay is same.

I don’t think Airplay works for DSD without conversion to lower PCM.

Hi @Steven_Simon1

There are limitations when playing to Airplay, so this is expected behavior.

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