DSD playback gives loud click between tracks

@mike can we please get an update on the Roon end-of-track DSD clicking issue. I have this problem with a variety of DSD vendor files (e.g., Acoustic Sounds, Channel Classics). I find that JRiver (20.0.131) does not show this clicking behavior in DSD mode, so apparently there is a solution. Playing with the Roon crossfades and the resync delay has no effect. My system specs below. Thank you as always for your support :smile:

Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2 DSD SE

Roon 1.1 Build 88 64-bit

Win 10 Pro v. 1511 build 10586.36

Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R

Intel i7 930 @2.8 GHz

16 GB PNY “Anarchy” DDR3 RAM

OS: 125 GB SSD
6 TB HGST Deskstar NAS

I noticed this clicking issue today when trying some DSD64 & DSD256 files today. My DAC only support up to DSD128 but even the PCM conversions from Roon of the DSD256 files I head popping. When pausing or between tracks loading I hear a whine, probably 10dB lower than the music volume and at about 8khz. Clicking/popping happens when starting a track, either as the first track or one of these tracks being next in the queue.
When using HQPlayer as a target there was no unexpected noise, regardless of Direct SDM, filter or pass through settings.

Mac mini 2012 i5 SSD 16GB
OS X 10.11.3
TEAC 501 DAC via USB
Roon 1.1

Hey @Jeremy_McNally – we have some changes coming soon in our 1.2 release that should make this better. We have a 501 in house and we just pulled it out and confirmed.

Let me know if you’re still having this issue once 1.2 is live, and if so we can take another look with the same files you’re using. Thanks!

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Is anyone still having this problem? I"m running the sonic transport as my core on the 1.2 release, with my music stored on a Synology NAS. Im then using the MicroRendu playing the music to a Shiit bifrost multibit. I only hear a click when I change from one album to a different album.

Hoping someone has a tip on something I could change to help get rid of the darn click!

Just wondering whether the click is from the speakers or from the DAC. Schiit’s multibit DACs make an audible click when switching resolution between tracks.

Was there ever a fix for this… I still have this issue. Playing dsd from my sever to direct stream with brifge.

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