DSD via HDMI issue

To whom it may concern,

I am having an issue playing DSD files on my preamp via Roon. I am running Roon server on a QNAP NAS (64 bit); the QNAP functions as the Roon core.

I have the QNAP attached via an HDMI cable to a preamp (Emotiva XMC-1).

The XMC-1 can play DSD natively as long as the DSD file is channeled to it via HDMI. It cannot play DSD files via USB.

When I play a DSD file via the QNAP/Roon core using HDMI, the XMC-1 plays PCM. I have tried multiple settings on Roon and on the XMC-1-- and the DSD will not play natively. I think Roon is automatically converting the DSD file to PCM because I am connecting it via HDMI.

Is there a way to address this issue in the Roon software so that DSD can play via HDMI?

Thanks for your help.

This might be an issue with the Linux kernel used on the QNAP - but I’m only making a guess - I have a couple of XMC-1’s and ill try and simulate this now that I have DSD upsampling in 1.3 to my XMC-1 from a MACMINI using Roon Bridge and maybe my Windows 10Pro Core too

Probably not on our end, no.

There’s two ways this goes:

  • You configure DoP mode, Roon sends 24/176 PCM with DSD inside, and the XMC-1 supports it.
  • You (somehow–this probably will not actually happen) get the NAS’s kernel to support Native DSD for the HDMI interface, and then Roon will stream it.

There’s no way for Roon to send Native DSD without kernel support on Linux–the hard part is usually getting the kernel to reflect that support (or support it at all, depending on the driver/situation).

The only other option is DoP–which you can configure in Roon assuming the driver supports 24/176.

Thanks all for the responses.

Hi, Wizardofoz- were you able to get the DSD files to play natively?

Hi, Brian- does kernel support exist for Linux? When I emailed QNAP, they mentioned that Kodi played DSD natively through the HDMI (I think, which is I asked whether Roon could be configured in a similar way). Kodi is no longer on the platform-- so unfortunately I cannot test it.

Not sure about the status of Native DSD + HDMI, sorry. The stuff we sit on top of is not HDMI specific–we ask the ALSA device “what can you do” and it either says “I can do DSD” or not.

I haven’t had much time to play with it yet, but I did manage to get Hdmi on the XMC-1 to work from the mini, and while it was streaming a tidal maser 5.1 I could only get 2.0 indication…I’ll try and play with it more but won’t be for a week or so at best as I’m traveling

If it is even possible to stream 5.1 from tidal I’m not sure.

Hi - @wizardofoz - it looks like buying a Mini may be my only option to run native DSD. What Mini are you using? Is it one of the these models? http://www.apple.com/shop/buy-mac/mac-mini

And were you running Tidal through Roon Core?

Is there any other software I need to install in the Mini to get Native DSD to run through HDMI?

Thanks for your help!

My mini is a 2010 Server model…nothing fancy at all - but its running as BRIDGE not as a core.

I have a 2nd XMC-1 where my core is and that is Win10Pro but If i get some time Ill try that direct to the XMC-1 and see how it looks for DSD, but I think the XMC-1 might only get to DSD64 (X1) and not sure if it requires an ASIO driver to achieve that…perhaps best asked over in the Emotiva lounge.

Well I was unable to get the XMC-1 to work with DSD64 either via HDMI or USB … windows or mac - and I think I tried just about everything…most everything ended up as 176.4 i think it was. Emotiva does make some nice kit and I have a truck load of it but their processors digital capabilities have always been problematic.

Get yourself a nice DAC and pump it in Bal/RCA to the good inputs on the XMC-1 and get on with that is my advice.

@Joshua_Lagos Hi Josh…I just did a test with my ROCK to the XMC-1 via HDMI and have some good news and some bad

While the XMC indicates it accepts DSD64 it doesn’t seem to accept it … and using via DoP it wont play as its indicating on the XMC its 176.4KHz 24Bit…silence even tho roon seems to think its playing.

Best I could up sample to and get audio is 192/24 using HDMI-0 on the ROCK