DSF file playback

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Roon Rock
Roon core 1.6 (build 416) stable (64bit)
Roon OS version 1.0 (build 183) stable

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Onkyo TX-SR707 via HDMI

Description Of Issue

DSF files sounds only when setup "Convert to PSM
When other setings no sound and display on av-receiver PCM signal not DSD. Screenshot_20191117-202533|250x500

How can I get DSD signal?

Hi @Vladislav_Shkarovski,

Are you certain that the Onkyo TX-SR707 supports DSD input via the HDMI port? I took a look over the Onkyo Datasheet and I don’t see any mention that this device supports DSD.

Actually, the manual claims it supports DSD.


But the following thread says the claim is inaccurate:


So, you cannot play DSD with the Onkyo TX-SR707.

Hi! You are wrong, because I did!

with my Sacd player

In datasheet it is in small text under High-Def surround via HDMI

Also in manual Also my own experience.

In this topic I find different models, not mine.

Is your SACD player outputting DSD or PCM? It looks like PCM based on the 44.1kHz…

This is DSD, as you can see and my player setup is dsd output for sacd, not pcm, if I use pcm onkyo display pcm.

This display information means DSD64 signal.

There is a difference between playing DSD via HDMI from a player as opposed to from a computer. Most computers will not support the necessary hand-shaking that is required by the AVR’s HDMI input.

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If so, I hope roon programmers knew what to do.

From the manual linked above:




Seems that only 5.1 multi-channel DSD is supported.

It plays 2.0 as well as 5.1
I prefer listen to 5.1 Layer sacd

There is no DSD signal and sound with 5.1dsf too, I have tried.

Well, you seem to know more than anyone else so I leave it to you to solve your problem on your own…


Just send the audio as PCM because there’s a PCM only DAC inside anyways.

Hello @Vladislav_Shkarovski,

It’s unlikely that you will be able to play DSD to your Onkyo receiver using the HDMI connection with any app on your PC.

Due to HDMI spec limitations, it is not possible to use Native DSD signaling on the HDMI outputs of consumer PC’s.

Onkyo receivers do not support DSD over PCM (DoP) through their HDMI inputs.

Therefore, the only option to play the audio to the device will be to convert it to PCM before being sent to the device.


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Thanks for the discussion🙂

With PCM decoding it is OK, I trying find the way to DSD sound.

John, thank you!

Where did you get this picture?