Duplicate Albums and Missing album Artwork

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Mac Mini connected via MK2 to REGA DAC

Bell Wi Fi


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Description Of Issue

2 problems:

  1. I have 21, 000 tracks and Roon has loaded 42,000 - basically each album duplicated. Library is in iTunes folder

  2. Some album cover artwork not showing. These seem to be local theatre companies and local artists, BUT in iTunes the artwork is correct and in list of artists and albums in Roon it is also correct, EXCEPT when it plays

Locate any duplicate file, click on the ‘three dots’ and select ‘View File Info’. What are the file paths?

I don’t see View File Information as an option offered by the 3 dots? When I check storage it says it only downloaded 21,000 tracks - which is accurate, but then tells me my library has 42,000, thus the duplicates?

Here is the file setup:

Choose any album in your collection from the Album browser, click on the album, and you will see an image of the cover, a review and the tracks. Make sure this is a local version of the album not one from TIDAL or Qobuz.

There are three dots on the right hand side of each track. Click this and there’s the menu you should be using.


Do this for both versions so we can see the storage location and then advice of putting things right for you.

Posted screen shot

Could you post a screenshot of your storage settings (Settings/Storage)? Is it possible that you’ve added the same folder twice?

Here is the screenshot. You might be right. If I need to delete one which should it be?

I would delete the iTunes folder (as a Watched Folder in Roon!), since it is already present as a sub-folder under your main Music folder.

What you could first try is simply disable it as a Watched Folder (an option under the 3 dots menu by the folder path in your screenshot). That should remove the duplicates as well.

Some progress. Took your advice and it looks like most duplicates are gone. But about 10-20% of album artwork also gone. I tried editing a few but Roon couldn’t find the proper albums. And yet ALL of these album covers are in my iTunes and Adirvrana

OK, one issue down, one to go. The fact that the album artwork was missing even when you had duplicate watched folders seems to point to a separate issue that needs to be nailed. I don’t use iTunes, so I can’t help further, I’m afraid. Best to wait for @support to chime in, I think…

If you go to Settings>Library>Import Settings you will see a screen like this:

I think the default for artwork is Prefer Roon. If this is what is checked you might try prefer file, or prefer best.
Can you share a screenshot here?

I tried all 3 options with no noticeable differences. Here is a screenshot

You are saying that you actually have the album art when you view the albums in Roon’s album view, but they are not visible when the album is played?
Or, you do not have any album art at all in Roon, but you do in iTunes?
If it is the former, I don’t understand the problem and Roon Support will need to help (as Geoff said). If its the latter, it’s likely a different problem.

The missing album art in Roon is missing when playing or when viewing album lists. But it is in my other programs.

Are the albums with missing art identified by Roon (they have proper Album Name/Artist/Track information), or do they show up as Unidentified?
Since some of these are lesser known artists, Roon may not know what the album is and can’t get an album image from a metadata provider.

Are most or any of the albums with missing album are WAV or some other format?
Sometimes WAV format does not carry over some proper file information, including art. I suspect this isn’t the case, but it will be good to know if this is a systemic issue.

Roon can get album art from a couple of places if not from the internet. Sometimes the art is in a .jpg file in the same folder as the album. If you go into one of the folders of the album missing cover art, do you see any files with names like “folder.jpg”? I understand there are other ways art can be associated with albums, but let’s start here.

Full disclosure - I’m just a Roon user, and don’t have the in-depth knowledge the Support folks have. The information you have at hand will help them solve the problem faster when they get to helping you. I wish I could do more.

This seems increasingly complicated, The album artwork is pretty basic. In some cases I inserted it into the iTunes files. Roon, in theory, should be able to read what it gets from the iTunes files.

I want to like Roon, but so far a few significant problems. THe artwork I have mentioned, BUT also when I play a que it seems to play SAME SONG TWIce or more unless I intervene.

Is there a way to insert an Album artwork file in Roon? There are not that Many blank files

Yes, from the album’s Edit menu > Edit Album tab. Similar approach for adding artists images too.