Duplicate filters even on latest Roon version

This bug not only didn’t get fixed, but actually got WORSE is the recent updates
It is quite annoying and every time I run Roon now I get duplicate filters

In the recent SW, I also started getting duplicate albums under the filters. It is the same album (I only have single copies, I verified) shown twice. This happens consistently in several filters that I checked.

I’ve had Roon for several years now, expecting the bugs to disappear when the product matures, but it seems that quite the opposite is happenning. There is something fundementally flawed in the way Roon releases updates, ignoring bugs and not performing QA as it should. This is a product, not a R&D project !


Maybe two subtly different causes :man_shrugging:

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Hello @Ori_Onn ,

I’ve split your post into its own thread as we have corrected the previous cause of the duplicates, so I believe you are seeing another cause. Can you please share a few screenshots or a short video of how you are able to duplicate the filters on your end?

Hello @Testing_Acc_NO
After my post, a new release was issued which resolved the duplicate album bug.
However, the duplicate focus filters is still there on my 10.2" iPad. It seems to appear after Roon crashes and I restart it which happens occasionally, but I’m not sure. I attach a screenshot.

Hi @Ori_Onn,

It looks like your iPad is out of date, could you please update to the latest Roon release and let me know if the same issue pops up?

Hello @benjamin
It seems to be up to date, see attached

But it’s not, the iPad still has build 1368 from February, although the server is the current 1407.

Like all mobile apps, remotes are updated through the App Store, so I’d head over there and initiate an update. (And check why your App Store didn’t update you automatically).

The current release for iPad is also 1407:

Thanks @Suedkiez
I made the update. It’s indeed strange because the AppStore is configured to send me updates. Doesn’t Roon prompt for updates anymore ?

I agree it’s weird that your App Store apparently didn’t install the update since February.

The updates in Roon Settings > About only concern the server (if on machines that can be remote-updated) and PC/Mac app. Updates on the mobile devices always came through the Apple App Store / Google Play Store and Roon never prompted for those. I think at least the App Store spreads out updates over a longer time and it might take a few days until it is auto-installed (but you can always trigger it manually).

Hang on - I think that 1398 is the latest release for iOS and Android…

There was no mention of any change for iOS and Android in the subsequent 1407 release notes…

Maybe, but the user here has 1368, not 1398.

It’s confusing but the pinned „Current versions“ post did:

Plus, I got 1405 for iOS in Early Access

Ah - quite right; well spotted…

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Apple App Store shows 1407 as the current release.

I guess Roon forgot to mention the iOS update in the release notes.

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