Duplicate genres in build 1211

That’s why I’m saying what I meant. Sorry for not remembering the official terminology in this instance :roll_eyes:

Plus the affected not-displayed genres don’t have to come from files. They can be added in the Roon editor as well (though yes they still appear in the “file” row in the editor IIRC)

Custom genre is different from file and from Roon. “File” comes from your local file metadata. “Roon” is automatically populated from Roon metatdata. “Custom” is any additional genre that a user adds to the artist and/or album.

I guess I am not the only one. Good news, fix is on the way (this is in the new earlyrelease update)

This is like this (genre added by me in the Roon editor), and it’s working now in earlyaccess:

Let’s hope it does something for your duplicated file genres too. Or if you are feeling adventurous, try earlyaccess and report if it does not


Hi all,

There is a fix in the works for this that should be rolled out soon.

Thank you for your reports and your patience in awaiting a fix.



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