Duplicate genres in build 1211

Since the lastest build some of my genres are duplicated. I have my settings set to display both roon and file genres.

It seems to be a bit random. I tested a few “Classical” and “Pop/Rock” albums and I did not see any genre duplication but I did not test exhaustivley. Looks like a regression bug to me. I do not recall seeing this in previous recent releases.

Probably another variant of their f’ed up genres in the new production update,

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Seems to be spreading. Duplicates now, not only with Jazz, but also with Classical ,Concerto, Symphony, Orchestral, Keyboard:

And Chamber Music:

@support, Is anyone at roon looking at this?

Please see @Suedkiez post above. You will see “[Know issue, Ticket in]”. Roon staff are investigating and, in due course, will roll out a fix.

That’s a different issue. What has that got to do with my report except sone tangential relationship to genre processing?

Roon make it clear time and time again that they want support issues reported separately as no one except them knows if support issues are related even when the symptoms are identical. That is not even the case here and it’s time this report was at least acknowledged by roon.

In that case, would it not make sense to open a Support request rather than a Software Discussion post?

As @SukieInTheGraveyard suggests, this should be reported in the #support category of the forum, where it will automatically alert the Support team.

I’ve moved it across to that category for you.

Can you just add some details on your setup - what are you running your Core on, would be the most useful thing to know.

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Isn’t support for a specific issue? Surely this is effecting everyone?

It’s a specific issue that may well be affecting everyone, so #support is the place to raise it.

The #roon category is for “discussions about Roon” - not issue/bug reporting.

I can also confirm that I’m seeing this. It seems to be happening for local albums, and not streamed albums in my library…

NUC/ROCK Core with Windows 11 Roon Client

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Do you have both roon and file tags set?

Has this setting been separated out from album settings in the the latest release? I would have set it years ago so I don’t really remember.

Yes, I have both set - and it’s been this way and in Import Settings since Roon 1.0…

Seems a reasonable guess its something to do with this. Worth looking into.

Now I notice that not only are file genres for local files duplicated, but file genres for streamed content are deleted. This is effecting thousands of Qobuz albums in my library:

Again, this would appear to be different to the [ticket in] link above. This is affecting all existing content not just new edits. The 1211 build seems to have comprehensively messed genre handling.

That latter thing with existing custom genres not being displayed was what was first reported about this. (The very first report was in earlyaccess but the same issue had already appeared in production when it was found. Not all albums are affected, so nobody noticed).

New edits are simply affected as well.

It was confirmed by Roon that’s this is just a display issue, they are still there.

So it’s not just me? FYI, I have never added any genres, and never edit metadata (“Music” is a Tag).

(delete, I get it now)

What is a “custom” genre?

I meant one that isn’t assigned to the album by default but added by the user. It can still come from the existing genre tree, not necessarily a self-created one.

Generally, yes genres are broken in this build and they are working on it, hopefully they will catch all versions. Reporting issues that differ and are not yet reported, like your duplicated ones, is surely a good thing

Well, I have never heard that term so that is adding to the confusion. Roon fairly consistently distinguishes between “file” and “roon” metadata instead.